Foggy landscape with pair

Foggy landscape with pair

Captain’s Log

Club Maintenance Day/Weekend

Boat list is on the notice boards and mirrors.
Work to be done sometime this weekend with your crew.
Follow Matt’s checklist for things to do.
It is important we look after all of our equipment so do your bit!

Point Score

The latest results are out.

St George: 1,404
Leichhardt: 1,245
Sydney: 1,156

With 2 regattas to go (one being a triple point event) anything is possible.
St George has put in a great effort. They got away, 200 points ahead in the first event of the season, at Shoalhaven. We will not make that mistake again.

Iron cove entries due by this Friday

See your coordinators or coaches

State Masters

Entries due by Friday 2nd May. Only competitive entries will be approved. It is $20 per seat at this event (the Club will be paying this fee, but we don’t want to spend money un-necessarily)! Only submit an entry if you have an honest chance of getting a place, otherwise work on it for next year.
The selection committee will be tough on approvals for this one.
Also note that events are over 2 days.

Steven Duff

Anzac day row

Everyone who has registered to participate in the Anzac Day row was emailed details on Wednesday. Please read all the material sent witht this email.
People need to be at the club at 3.30am.
Breakfast will be held at the club from about 7am.

Gas bottles – spare one

If you have a spare gas bottle at home, then consider donating it to the club. We need a couple.

Bad Weather

Remember that if the wind is over 20 knots (white caps) you should not go out.
If it is foggy and you can’t see the Iron Cove Bridge (eg. last Thursday), you should not go out.
If there is lightning, you should not go out.
If you don’t have 2 good torches, you should not go out.

This includes Brian!

Premiers 2014 Boat

The boat now has sweep riggers.

boat christeningBoat Christening

Last Sunday we christened the Onno van Ewyk, Rex Chadwick, Belinda Brigham, Mick Lowrey, Premiers 2014 and Bohemia 2014. That’s 6 boats!

That took a lot of fund raising by our volunteers. The shed is now full. Replacements only from now on.

President’s Note: The Club christened 6 new boats straight after the Drummoyne Regatta last weekend to make it easy for as many members as possible to stay back and take part in the celebration.
It was a sight to see all 6 boats lined up under 6 tripods of oars supporting the champagne to break across the bows.
Congratulations to Rex Chadwick, Onno van Ewyk and Belinda Brigham, three of our current members after whom boats were named to recognise their outstanding contribution to the Club.

Other Boats were named Mick Lowrey, Bohemia 2014 and Premiers 2014.

In my view, christening new boats is a big occasion for the Club so I thank those who attended for their support, but I was somewhat disappointed by the relatively small number in attendance.

Your Committee and the people whom the boats were named after have worked hard to continue our fleet upgrade so you all have the best equipment possible.

I just think it’s a pity that more of you don’t understand that attending an occasion like Sunday is part and parcel of being a member of Leichhardt and is one way you can show your support and thanks to the people that work tirelessly to run this great Club for you all.

Maybe next time you take one of these boats off the rack to use you might reflect on my message and commit to being a Leichardt Member that makes a difference!

Discounted osteopathy services for LRC members

Elizabeth French has kindly offered a strong discount (50% off!) to all LRC members for her osteopathic services.
Please email Lizz directly if you want take advantage of this offer:

Diary dates

Fri 24/4 – Iron cove entries due
Sat 25/4 – Anzac Day row and BBQ – 3.30am
Sat & Sun 26/4 – Undertake maintenance of fleet
Sat 2/5 – Iron Cove Masters regatta – Iron Cove
Sat 2/5 – Entries for State Masters due
Sat 9/5 – New members orientation – 8.30am

Good rowing everyone!