LRC had a great regatta at the Shoalhaven. We had plenty of participants of all ages, two trailers full of boats, great weather and great racing success on a beautiful river. Even the egg and bacon sandwiches were excellent. Plus it was great to see how everyone helped each other including parents of the Juniors.

Congratulations to the following crews who all got first places – for double points.

Head Race Results

  • Men’s Masters Eight – The Rexes Brooks, Bourke, Cowlishaw, Rich, Conry, Reid, Walton, Thomas
  • Women’s Masters Eight – Howatt, Williams, Van Ewyk, Cicognani, Armitage, McCormack, Jolly, Borgert, c:Fekete
  • Women’s Open Quad – Muller, Kapocius, Lyon, Gibbes
  • Women’s U19 Quad – Rizzuto, Murphy, Carvalho, Jalalaty
  • Men’s Masters Quad – Milne, Davis, Tindale, Patterson

Sprints Results

  • Elysia Chua – 1st in her division Womens U16 Single Scull
  • Madeleine Murphy – 1st in her division of the Womens U16 Single
  • Ledet and Savaranos – 1st Women’s U17 Double
  • Lyon, Rizzuto, Kapocius, Carvalho – 1st Womens U19 Quad
  • Freddie Gibbes – 1st Women’s C Grade Single
  • Chua, Lyon – 1st Women’s U19 Double
  • Ledet, Horrell, Saravanos, Murphy – Women’s U16 Quad
  • Davis, Milne, Tindale, Bourke – Men’s Masters Quad
  • Cicognani, Borgert, McCormack, Jolly – Women’s Masters Quad
  • Emma Jalalaty – Women’s U19 Single
  • Lauren Lyon – Women’s U19 Single
  • Brian Davis – Men’s Masters Single

As a result of this we are in a great position in the points score of the Bohemia Trophy for the Head Races – but we’ll need to nail the ICC series – and we have a great start to the Club Premiership too, with last year’s nemesis, St George, failing to show up at the Shoalhaven.

Keeping the Shed Tidy

There is a roster on the notice board downstairs which indicates which crews are responsible when for keeping the shed floor cleaned and the pontoon shag-poo-less. Each month the rubber mats must be pulled out, the floor squirted out so that there’s no dust and then the matts put back. Meantime for everyone, if you see rubbish around – chuck it. Abandoned drink bottles or wind cheaters – put them in the lost property bucket upstairs near the gym.

New Committee

Your new Committee has met and alredy has a number of programs under way. You can see the minutes of each committee meeting online.

Vale Nim and Beryl

Last week saw the passing of two fine rowers.

Olympian and former Leichhardt oarsman, Nim Greenwood passed away peacefully on the 9th of September whilst in care.

Nim Greenwood was one of the original “guinea pigs” as they were described in the 1950’s, to undertake the rigorous but scientific training methods established by Professor Frank Cotton in the professor’s close association with the Leichhardt Club.

Nim born in 1929, represented Australia in the Men’s pair and Men’s Eight at the 1952 Helsinki Games, winning bronze in the eight behind the USA and Russia. Other Leichhardt eight oar representatives in that Australian crew included Groff Williamson and Merv Findlay both of whom have passed away and David Anderson who attended our Old Rowers Reunion last July is now the only surviving member.

Anne Tucker, Nim’s daughter remains active with Rowing NSW as an organiser of presentations at major NSW & Australian Championships.
May he rest in peace.

We were also very saddened to hear of the dreadful and untimely death of Beryl Crockford who had an accident whilst cycling and ultimately failed to recover from the coma the accident caused. Beryl was an Olympian, was active at Drummoyne and coached at a number of NSW schools.

A memorial trophy named after Beryl is being set up thanks to public donations.

Our sympathy is extended to the families of both Beryl and Nim.

From the Captain


A new Boat List is being prepared, new boat captains and generally people who row the boat regularly will be responsible for servicing. Also please keep in mind grades of boats, black boats should be only taken for racing training not for non-specific training. Most of the damage is occurring in black boats, which is apparently our more experienced crews.

Women’s coaching

Pravin has agreed to open his Monday and Friday squad to all the women in the club. Please get in contact with Pravin so he knows who to expect. We have already seen some great results in the squad so let’s keep that going and help take out the open women’s and overall point score this year.

Race entries

Please let Christine know your entries for regattas the Monday before entries close with RowingNSW. Lane Cove Head (small boats) is due 5pm Monday.

This is to allow for boat allocations at the shed and for the regatta to be done, and also ensure that the vice captains have a chance to review entries. Please let Matt know urgently if you are intending to race the North Shore Head (small boats), only singles, doubles and pairs to be entered.

Cox Boxes

Four of the blue Coxmates have been sent off this week for a service; the NKs are next. However, as it is a costly exercise, we do not want to send off any that are working well.

So, in the next week please report on the performance of the box you used including the NUMBER engraved on the cox box for identification. A notepad and pen is provided near the re-charging station for this purpose.

Please also:

  • ALWAYS leave the boxes on charge, checking that the red light has come on (on the NKs) indicating it is connected properly
  • If the box should happen to fall in the water, WASH IT OFF IN FRESH WATER IMMEDIATELY and report it to one of the people noted below
  • Salt water is the enemy of cox boxes, not fresh water, so we do need to ensure that it dries off properly.
  • Use the correct charger (leads now labelled), not a random one as some bright spark thought to do the other day which can damage the box.
  • ALWAYS return the cox boxes to the charging post, do not leave downstairs for someone else to pick up.
  • Most importantly, please do not take a cox box away from the club without first notifying either Matt Bourke, Bob Kelsall or Nancy Wahlquist.
  • As it will cost $1,100 each to replace the boxes, we need to know where they are so they can be accounted for. We have just had one returned after last year’s Yarra, this is unacceptable.


A consolidation of paid members is now done. If you have not paid or had a conversation with Matt about your fees, you are not to be using the clubs facilities. If you are seen to be using the facilities you will be asked to leave, this could mean your crew will be down a member.

Setting Alarm

If you are the last to leave the club please ensure you set the alarm, check all doors are locked both up and downstairs and turn all lights off. If you don’t know how to use the alarm… it’s very simple, just press the “arm” button and walk out.


The private LRC Facebook page is about to have a cull of non-members off it. If you are not a member please make sure you are. A lot of relevant stuff is discussed on the site. Please contact Annalisa Armitage or Lauren Rizzuto to be added.


  • 24 September, NSWIS TT (invited only)
  • 24 September, Nepean regatta
  • 1 October, North Shore Head (small boats only)
  • 8 October, Lane Cover Head (big boats)
  • 15 October, Saturday, Trivia night
  • 16 October, Sunday, Iron Cove Classic #1
  • 22 October, Saturday, RNSW Spring regattas