spring 2015

Olivia Shirley, Lauren Rizzuto, Elysia Chua and Olivia Kapocius win the WD4x at the Spring Regatta last weekend

RNSW Spring Regatta

Congratulations to all the crews that participated at the Spring Regatta, our junior crews had some great results at a well-attended regatta with many clubs and schools showing up, making for some very competitive racing.

Good Luck

To Lauren Lyon, Oliva Kapocius, Elysia Chua and Isaac Eveleigh who are doing the Time Trial at Nepean this Saturday in single sculls.

Iron Cove Classic #1

Don’t forget the first of the Iron Cove Classics is on this Sunday – good luck to all those who have entered. There are 11 crews from LRC, so let’s bring home some wins!

Call for volunteers

We (still) need a few more volunteers to help run the Iron Cove Classic #3 on 22 November 2015, for example:

  • Start marshals and marshals on the course on the day
  • Bow numbers distribution
  • Results officers
  • People to debrief coxswains and BROs

Please nominate yourself or ask around then write to the VCs: Ben Adams and Anna Cico. We need you.

Yarra Recap

Crews for HoTY need to be submitted to Belinda Brigham by Friday 23 October, please provide full name of each crew member. Please also nominate a crew contact.

Any changes to your crews after submission must be notified to Belinda by 6 November – after this date you will need to make any changes directly with race organisers.

Race entry is conditional upon approval by the Captain and full payment of race entry and towing fees.

Entry fees and other associated cost can be paid through the LRC online store, cost is $100 per seat for entry and petrol + $25 for dinner.

Race entry and towing fees must be paid by Friday 30 October.

Please familiarise yourself with the information provided on the Head of the Yarra website or check out the HoTY Facebook page.

Boat Maintenance for Yarra

On Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th November all crews intending to race in the HOTY are required to do a full maintenance on the boat they are being allocated.

Get organised now and allocate the best day that suits your group. Please let us now if there are parts you need that are not in cupboards in the office before your maintenance day.

The Billy 8

The Billy has been brought out of storage for the next 5 weeks to accommodate demand for HoTY. We do not have a spare rack so it will be stored, tied down, outside along the western side of the shed. For use it has to be taken onto the road and come in under the roller door.

Race Entries

There has been some speculation going around the pontoon that every competing rower is expected to enter every point scoring event on the Rowing NSW calendar to maximise the points for our Club.
This is not true!
In line with the Club Race Entry Policy every squad is strongly encouraged to plan their season and set their own target events. Crews and their coaches should be working towards their own goals. As long as you have a plan and have communicated it to the Captain and our Regatta Secretary, we can work through the season calmly and with success.

It is a long season. Doing your best in events you have trained for will get the best results for the Club and help towards us winning the Point Score Trophy.

Get your foot off the rigger!

Please DO NOT stand on the riggers when holding your boat on the pontoon – or at any other time.

We have had a rigger a week snapping because of people thinking that standing on a rigger is a good idea.

Steve Roll Sculling School

If you are interested in being coached by Steve, could you please:

  1. Put a bow marker on your boat. There are some bow markers without numbers in the office – these are better than numbers so Steve doesn’t get confused on regatta days
  2. Put your name or the crew name on the white board at the foot of the stairs with the time that you will be on the water
  3. Tell Steve when you are about to get on the water
  4. Stay in the area between the club/island and the bridge
  5. If you choose to go beyond the bridge or down to Haberfield, Steve will not follow you as that takes Steve away from the crews in the loop

Events at the Club

This Saturday between 10.30am and 11.30am there is a Pymble Rowing Parents Orientation Meeting upstairs. Please keep out of the area unless essential.

We will need assistance after this to prepare the Club for an event later in the day. Please help to put away equipment upstairs if you are there in the morning.

Members for members

At LRC we have a very wide range of professions represented amongst our members, although it’s hard to tell the lawyers from lay-abouts when we’re all dressed in lycra and it’s dark. (Some would say it’s hard at any time).

So it might be useful to make a sort of directory of our guns-for-hire so that, for example, next time you’re looking for an architect or gardener or plumber, you can choose to use an LRC member.

If you’d like to be listed please just email Justin with your name, profession, email address and website if applicable. Who knows, we may be able to refer work to each other and keep the wheels of industry turning.

Raffle tickets

We have 15 tickets for sale to raise money to buy new Club’s equipment. Please see Laina Chan for more tickets (also available in the office).

raffle tickets

Till next week…. Row safe.