This Week @ LRC – 23 August 2019

Trivia Countdown









From Nancy

If you haven’t had time to fill your brain with random facts yet, rest assured there will be other games for the otherwise-skilled.

Hot Tip: Bring your boat knowledge with you!

We will also be raffling off one dozen bottles of award-winning wines from the Heathcote region of Victoria, generously donated by Brian Ward, one of our LUOR members who started rowing at the club in 1947. Only $5 a ticket, and the prize is valued at over $400! That’s all your Christmas presents taken care of, if you don’t drink them yourself.

But be warned: our venerable President and Captain have said to the Committee that any crew without a decent showing on the night just might find they won’t get the boat they would otherwise expect for the Yarra.

We are raising funds for the purchase of new boats, after all!


Corporate Regatta

From S Duff

Next weekend (Saturday 31st August) we are holding the club’s biggest fundraising event for the year, the Corporate Regatta. If we do it well, we have a much better chance those companies involved will return next year.

We need all members help to make this work.

Many members have already donated their time over the past month to work with each company. I’m talking about the Corporate Coaches, Coxes, Tinnie Drivers, Breakfast Team and Communications. We now need the rest of the club to step up.

Firstly we need all members to attend the event to cheer the crews on, help rigging the boats, de-rigging and provide atmosphere. As you all know, it is a wonderful day out there – sun, peace and the view.

We need specific helpers to do the following tasks

1. Race Starter (1)
2. Finish Line Officials (2 to 3)
3. Pit Crew -repairs (2)
4. Pontoon Marshal (1)
5. Tinny Drivers and Crew (2 drivers and 2 crew)
6. Photographer (1)
7. Boat loading at the club (Friday about 5pm – 5 eights) – (20)
8. Boat assembly at SIRC Saturday (6.30am) – (20)
9. Boat unloading at LRC (about 4pm Saturday) – (20)

This is the time for all members to help .

Please email if you can do one or a few of the tasks listed.

Thank you and see you out at SIRC.


Watt Bikes have arrived!

They still need a bit of maintaining that will happen over the next week. Two are somewhat good go, should you have Shimano cleats. Two need new seats, and there is a little bit of rewiring to be done. New pedals will be added to the 4 bikes. These will have Shimano cleats and mountain bike cleats with ability to clip on traditional pedals, for those who do not have to have cycling shoes. Won’t happen overnight but will happen.

The screen can connect to a Watt bike app via Bluetooth, should you wish to try some of the preset classes go for it.

Please be careful with them, they are very expensive pieces of equipment and should be shown the same respect as ergs and boats in general.



  • 25 August – Nepean Head #1
  • 31 August – Corporate Regatta
  • 7 September – Trivia Night from 6pm
  • 14 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head
  • 2 November – Boat maintenance day #4