Day 1 back at the club
Four socially responsible scullers on a flat iron cove and within their time slot.

Congratulations and Welcome Back!

Our sculling members have enthusiastically returned in numbers as we manage under Stage 1 of the return from the COVID-19 Lock down.

We appreciate everyone being considerate to each other and sharing the popular time slots.

A big thanks to Virginia and Tim for managing this. Virginia’s spreadsheet is working really well. If you are not sure what I am talking about and are keen to scull then send a request to our Captain at Tim will send you instructions and the new door code. Remember it is not for our Juniors, Recreationals or Novice scullers yet. Remember, the continued success of this depends on all participants abiding by the rules.

We have had some requests for families to be able to go out in doubles. I have contacted Rowing NSW and they are advising against this at this stage. The Committee has decided to work closely with RNSW and the local Bay Clubs to provide a safe and joint approach. Hopefully it will not be too much longer.

Isaac will be placing some markers on the pontoon to remind us to socially distance when preparing our sculls. Apparently every time he goes to down it rains. Perhaps it’s more that every time it rains he decides to do it! Also remember to use the white board at the entrance so we know who is at the shed at anyone time.

– Steven Duff LRC President

Super Clean!

On Thursday our new cleaners spent a total of 19 person hours cleaning the foyer, stairs and upstairs of the club, including a full steam clean of the carpet to get it ready for our new start when we can welcome you all back in to enjoy the view, the gym, the companionship and a cuppa.

Special attention was given to the men’s bathroom (I know some of you will be particularly interested to know this) and I feel sure it looks as good as it possibly can!

While working alongside them I spent at least 3 hours cleaning sticky tape residue off many surfaces so members, KNOW THIS: should you ever use sticky or duct tape at the club remember that you are also responsible for it’s removal, including the residue! Please.

The gloom is lifting, it won’t be long now… – Nancy


Steve Jaques story – Coxwain identified!

From Ben Story

Thank you for article and picture of Steve, Peter, David and Tony – they are fellow rowers of my era. The coxswain in that picture is Andrew Sharrock. Andrew coxed several LRC crews at that time including a crew that I rowed in. Ross Ullo was our coach.

F O R  R E A L . . .

Feel good about not being on the water edition #7b

More Shark Arm intel from Tim Mason

Very surprised to hear the LRC connection to the Shark Arm story. The book was written by Phil Roope, a good friend. I have been following the story, through Phil, for quite some time while he was researching it with his co-author.

I passed on Brian Ward’s story to Phil, and he was very interested. He replied the son of the shark arm was Raymond Smith, and sent me this article.

Seems Raymond was quite a character, like his Dad. Read the original article here…


More liveable streets


Reducing car space and making more room for walking and cycling are just some of the ways streets could change for the better in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Healthy, engaging, prosperous, people-friendly cities in the Netherlands and Denmark are the result of a positive response to crisis… read more


Silicon Valley Rethinks the

(Home) Office

Some tech companies are adjusting to the pandemic with new WFH perks and even letting employees ditch their commutes forever. Recently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told employees that they can remain working from home forever, if they so choose. Fewer cubicles, more kittens


STC Virtual reading
No Pay? No Way?

Streaming live from each of their homes, the cast and crew of the hilarious No Pay? No Way! (adapted by Marieke Hardy) will reunite to perform a full reading of Italian absurdist Dario Fo’s brilliant political farce. The cast and crew will raise the virtual curtain at 7.30pm Thu 28 May to perform an entire reading of the play. More here


50 afternoons well spent

After you’ve rowed your scull in the morning, why not kick back with 50 of the best contemporary novels under 200 pages. In this context “Contemporary” means published (in English) after 1970.

For 50 nice arvos of short reads go here… or for 100 afternoons of longer reads go here…


5000 yr old energy bars

If you dare… “Some things aren’t meant to taste nice – they’re meant to make you survive” says Shane Chartrand, a chef from the Enoch Cree Nation in central Alberta. “Pemmican is a legit ancient indigenous energy bar.” For an unfair (but not-necessarily-tasty) training advantage go here for the recipe…



Fly away home

This stunning story will make you want to either save birds, buy an Ultralight kit,  watch Fly Away Home again (or for the first time) or all of the above. Christian Moullec noticed that some migratory birds were struggling to migrate from Germany to Sweden. Now, as a conservation and awareness raising act, he takes tourists up in his ultralight to fly with the birds.


Nature returns to our urban spaces…