Head of the Yarra Key Information and Boat Loading 

From Daniela Borgert

We have all completed many hours and kilometres of training for this big race and now it is only a few sleeps away…. 

Firstly, boat loading. This will be on Wednesday November 27 @ 5.30am. All boats must be pre-prepared for loading prior to Wednesday. We want to make loading a very efficient process, which means no turning up to derig on the day, this needs to be done before Wednesday.

Please put your boat on the space and trailer allocated (trailer map will be up on the club wall for loading). Everything for your boat goes on the same trailer as your boat. When we come back, your boat is to go back on the same space and trailer. We have a number of boats which do not have a 50:50 split so must go on specific spots. Crews are responsible for their own loading of their equipment. Check that all seats are tied in and secured, gates are done up and all foot stretchers are in tight, we have lost some before, so please check! 

Another important note to be aware of and prepared for, they have made significant changes to the parking for trailers at Hawthorne (the end of the race) and competitors have been advised by the Race organisers to keep our trailers in the city – so this means, we are rowing back after the race. Please ensure you have made arrangements to have your crew available to row back, take money for food/drinks etc… as we will need to wait till around 2.45pm before we can start heading back. If any of these plans change all crews will be notified at Melbourne.

A big thank you to Gordon, Matt Limburg and Alex for towing our boats all the way to Melbourne, we all really appreciate it!

Secondly, coxes and crews, please ensure you are familiar with the Head of the Yarra course map and video at http://headoftheyarra.com/videos) and also Guidelines for the start, racing and the finish at http://headoftheyarra.com/guidelines Penalties will apply of up to 1 minute time penalty or disqualification http://headoftheyarra.com/race-rules-penalties 

There will be a competitors briefing that takes place at Hawthorn Rowing Club @ 6pm on Friday 29th November which will cover advice for coxswains negotiating the race course, race rules and safety, emergency arrangements and obtaining medical assistance if required, as well as “Need to know” issues for competing on race day including hazards and penalties. This briefing should be attended by all LRC coxes, every year there are new changes!

Race packs, which includes crew numbers, souvenir t-shirts, program, race instructions, crew grid positions & location of on course safety / support boats and emergency contacts can be collected from Hawthorn Rowing Club on Friday 29th November from 6pm – 7pm. Any other information check out their website http://headoftheyarra.com/

Best of luck to all crews who are competing and representing LRC!!

Members Work Bench

From Steve

Members are encouraged to do their own basic maintenance. All the parts you commonly need are now stored downstairs at the rear of the sculling bay. More involved stuff is upstairs. Return all tools for the next member’s use.



From Nancy

This is a family event with games (yes, the snail race will be back by popular request,) a raffle of one dozen excellent reds from Burke & Wills Winery in Heathcote Victoria (donated by Brian Ward), Apple Bobbing and a Lucky Dip.  We will be running a bar with the usual super low club prices.

There will be LOTS of delicious food, including plenty of choice for kids, vegans and gluten-free-ers.


$25 for adults, $15 for juniors and students and under 5 get in free.


Nancy still needs more offers of help, in particular:

Set-up and decorations;


Baking or preparation of dessert goodies (to go with Niki’s icecream!)

Please email: nwahlquist@bigpond.com


SAVE THE DATE of Saturday 14 December at 6 p.m.


Call for Entries

From Virginia

Reindeer Regatta Saturday 7 December at SIRC – age and grade events. NSW Sprint Championships Sunday 8 December at SIRC – age events only (juniors, open and masters). These are both highly competitive regattas attended by clubs and schools. Please start putting your crews together over the next week or so. Proposed entries to vvanewyk@gmail.com by 12 noon on Saturday 30 November latest, but earlier would be better (as I will be a bit busy that weekend!). As it is an away regatta, acceptance of entries based on boat availability and boat allocations will be determined according to the Club’s competition policy.


  • 30th November- Head of the Yarra
  • 7th December- Reindeer Regatta (SIRC)
  • 8th December- Sprint Championships (SIRC)
  • 14th December- Christmas Party