This Week @ LRC – 22 March 2019

Cayenne, French Guiana, 11 March: Lee Spencer, a 49-year-old single leg amputee, celebrates as he becomes the world’s first physically disabled person to row solo across the Atlantic (Photo by Anthony Upton Rowing Marine via Getty Images).

It’s Our Club

from Steve Duff

Each of us is a member of the Leichhardt Rowing Club. There is a big difference between being a member of a club and having a membership at the local gym.

Being a member at LRC is like being a part owner. You have equal ability to step up and help look after the place, both for the equipment and the fellow members.

Being a member of a gym is a fee for service. You have paid a business to look after the equipment. When you walk out the door you have no further responsibility.

Whether you are physically at LRC or not you are still a member and should value that. This means an ongoing feeling of responsibility and enjoyment.

Recently members of the club have left the premises unsecured when they are the last person out. Equipment has been left on the pontoon, roller doors left open, lights on etc. Some members have even asked for a part refund due to going overseas for a holiday. This is the way you treat the local gym, not our club – LRC.

We need all members to step up, take responsibility and be proud of their membership.

Closing the shed (or not)

Please be aware before you close the shed, or leave it wide open!, of boats which still may be on the water. So many times tinnies are wrongly placed and bays are left open and disorganised. This week, twice there have been instances of having to re-stack or reorganise tinnies because people just leave with no care or consideration.

Tinny licence

Margaret ( is ready to run a new tinny licence course. Please contact her for details.



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