From 1901 (in Australia), Cassie McRitchie in the scull she used to win the Inaugural Women’s Interstate Sculling Race

From 1901 (in Australia), Cassie McRitchie in the scull she used to win the Inaugural Women’s Interstate Sculling Race


To everyone that competed at the Taree Summer Regatta, we came away with over 450 points towards the club championship! The women once again outperformed the men, claiming the Duff Cup. [Sorry, Captain, good try].

A special mention also to Andrew Morrell and his squad of junior female rowers who had some outstanding results over the weekend, competing in and winning a number of events. Well done!

Boat Maintenance

Everyone is asked to please make a time to complete maintenance on the boat/s that you usually train in.
A list of all boats will be posted on the notice board outside the office, when you have completed maintenance please:

  • Tick off the boat on the list so we know maintenance has been completed
  • Write on the list, next to the boat name, if there are any more serious repairs that are needed
  • Maintenance is more than just cleaning the boat, please make sure you:
  • Strip down/ remove all parts and wash them (and the boat) thoroughly to ensure ALL salt residue is removed – this includes oars and oar handles
  • Check all seat wheels and replace them if needed – if you don’t know, how ask someone
  • Replace any worn slides and make sure they are properly secured
  • Check the steering and make sure it is connected and works – if you know how to fix it, great! If not please note if work is needed
  • Check shoes – make sure they are securely fixed to the foot plate and that they have laces to allow ‘quick removal’ and to tie down the heels
  • Check all cam locks on quick release riggers and replace them if they are loose – if you don’t know how to do this just ask, it’s very easy and a bread clip is not an acceptable fix
  • If you want to put an impeller on your boat – this is the time to do it
  • Check to bow ball and lane number holder – let us know if either needs replacing
  • Check for any damage to the boat hull – report any holes/ cracks for repair

There are Club standards for oar inboard and outboard lengths and gate/ rigger heights and spans. If you know how to check and adjust these then please do so, if not, try and watch someone who does and learn how. DO NOT change from Club standard unless you have permission to do so. Check with Bob or Matt for the Club approved set-up.

Orientation for new members

There will be an orientation session for all new members (anyone who has joined since August) on Monday, 1 February 6:30pm-8:00pm.

All those who are expected to attend have been emailed the details. If you have joined in this time period and not received the email please still come along, the session is compulsory for all new members.

LRC Social

One of our members, Keren Bateman, has had a great idea for keeping things a bit social at the Club and providing opportunities for new, and old, members to get to know each other a bit better, outside rowing.
Keren will be organising a series of seasonal dinners, so one dinner each season. As we are in summer the first dinner will be the ‘Summer’ dinner.
Dinners will be at a restaurant in the area, and the first one is booked – details are:
Venue: Diddy at Longueville Sporting Club
Date: Wednesday 3 February
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
RSVP: by 2 Feb to Keren, or 0448 704 516


It’s taken a while but the LRC Blazer is happening. Around 20 members have ordered their blazers already and manufacturing will start in 2 weeks. You still have time to order your blazer but you have to act fast so write to Justin by Monday 1st Feb 2016 if you want one.
The cost of the blazer will be about $200 (we got a great price) and we’ll tap you for the money later. Delivery will be in 6-8 weeks.

PLC Rowing

Full training will commence again 27 Jan and will run through until 5 March and will again be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and all afternoons.
Please make sure that you make room for Pymble and their coaches as they get on and off the water.

Coaches will be getting ready from 4:45 with crews arriving at 5:15 and on water by 5:30.

Crews return at 6:50 and aim to clear the pontoon by 7:05. Please remember that Pymble and their coaches have priority during these times.

Dates to Remember

  • 30 Jan – Small Boats Regatta (SIRC) – entries due TODAY
  • 1 Feb – New member orientation – 6:30pm at LRC
  • 3 Feb – LRC Summer Dinner – 6:00pm at Diddy
  • 7 Feb – Balmain Regatta (Iron Cove)