CHS Success for the Juniors – paying homage to their coach supreme

LRCFNIALSBSWCRPFWBBQAAB (offical name to be finalised)

LRC Friday Night Info and learning session blended seamlessly with casual relaxed party feels with bbq and a bar

Courteous reminder that this coming Friday 28th Feb brings the inaugural LRCFNIALSBSWCRPFWBBQAAB (spelt out above). This month’s (politely compulsory for squad captains) will be a crash course on Icrew, the club’s about-to-be-launched new booking system. I suspect everyone falls into one of the categories of either not using the current booking system, or annoyed that it doesn’t work like it should, so its an ideal time to get down so you can get out of the house on “compulsory rowing business” for a drink and a bbq.

I may even be in the corner chuckling to myself while I write the newsletter.

Tentative upcoming topics for future bbq info sessions (name to be improved) are:

 – 28th Feb – ICrew – your crew, we all scream for a better booking system (with el capitanos)

– 27th March – Technique, everyone’s wrong but you (with big coach man Jeff)

– 24th April – Strength, deadlift and all his friends (with a physio from Balmain Sports Medicine)

– 29th May – Off-season training, I can’t think of a good name, erg is hard to rhyme with (with Gareth)

“Yea I’ve been at nationals rowing this week” – You bragging at work/wherever

The call has gone out for volunteers for assistance at nationals, with a particular need for boat holders (a foreign but wonderful concept for all who stick to the 1km races). I personally still remember the wonderful Daryle holding my single once upon a time, what a charmer.

Nationals are Monday 23rd to Friday 29th March, it usually looks like 30-40min shifts, on and off throughout the day, with he rest of the time free to read the paper, do a sudoku, get into the bar, or even watch the races.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Being able to say you’ve been at nationals like its nothing for you
  • Helping boats go proper fast
  • Free entry and shuttle bus to/from Penrith Station if required
  • Free merch including a shirt, hat, bottle, and bag
  • Free food

To volunteer, email with the days you can do, and what club you’re from (that’s LRC)

More info and maybe other possible roles to volunteer for at


16th February – Balmain Regatta

21st February – CHS Regatta (good luck juniors)

28th February – ICrew and You (and the Captains)

29th February (its one them leap years) – Gold Cup

8th March – LRC Regatta (definitely not the Captain’s Birthday)

15th March – Drummoyne Regatta

23rd March – Nationals Week