Trivia Night

We are all set up for tomorrow night! If you have not got your tickets yet (doh!!!), please get them from the shop.

Membership Status

In order to use the club’s facilities you must be a financial member. Occasionally members invite other rowers down for a row to see if they like the club and want to join. This is of course a good thing. There’s no hard and fast rule about how many times a non-member can row before joining but common sense might suggest 2 or 3. We also have a Guest Member category. This costs $100 / month and can be used, for example, by rowers from interstate who are in Sydney for a while and want to keep their training up.
If you bring guest rowers onto the pontoon please make sure that they join up in one form or another after a few rows. This is important for insurance and also to make sure that we don’t have free-loaders abusing the hospitality of the rest of the members.
If you have any queries please contact .


If you’re one of the people who is early to arrive in the morning and consequently move a tinny out of the bay where your boat is, please put the tinny all the way down the pontoon onto the narrow section of wooden deck. Don’t move it just out of the way and leave it as it will block other boats. There is room for all four tinny trailers to be parked head to tail, 2 x 2, on either side of the deck. If you use the hoist to put a tinny in the water please put the empty trailer back into its proper parking spot as per the above. Don’t leave it next to the hoist.

Deck Repairs – a Heads Up

Starting on the 7th December and continuing for 10 days, a contractor will be replacing and repairing the worst section of the timber deck. This is overdue but after it’s completed we’ll be in good shape. We got a grant for part of the cost and the rest is being shared by Pymble and LRC. The work will be carried out in two stages with first one half of the deck blocked off and then the other. There will be some hazard involved and of course the area we have available to prepare and wash boats will be reduced. We’ll have to muddle through.

Head of the Charles

A few athletes from LRC are competing at the Head of the Charles this weekend: Daniela B in the WM1x, Anne P and Angela C in the WM8+. Good luck to them for the race!

Good luck


  • 22 October, Saturday, Trivia Night
  • 29 October, Saturday, Time Trial 2 – by invitation only
  • 30 October, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #2 – eights only
  • 5 November, Saturday, Head of the Parramatta, fours, quads and eights only
  • 13 November, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #3 – eights only