Chirstmas Poster 3

Xmas Party  – Menu announced!

Check out the menu for our spectacular Christmas dinner at the Club on 13 December:

Main Meal

  • Stuffed Turkey
  • Marmalade Glazed Ham
  • Baked Salmon
  • Roast Beef
  • Soy Chicken Wings and Drumsticks
  • Salads
  • Asparagus and Hollandaise
  • Coleslaw
  • Mixed Green Salad
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Rice Salad
  • Roast Potato, Kumera, sweet Potato Salad
  • Beetroot and Fetta with baby spinach Salad
  • Bread Rolls


  • Summer Pudding
  • Plum Pudding
  • Pavlova
  • Trifle
  • Bread and Butter Pudding
  • Panna Cotta
  • Tiramisu
  • Gelato selection

All that for just $25 for adults and $15 for juniors, and lots of fun besides, including the traditional and much talked about snail race. Steve Roll is busy training some champions as we speak. If you have a long legged, thoroughbred snail you can bring him or her along too.

Get your tickets to the party online or else from Lachlan, Steven or your crew coordinator. Don’t miss out!

xmas 2014And Santa wonders if you could be good elves and bring a small wrapped gift for him to hand out to the little guests. Just mark it with something like “girl under 5 or boy under 10” so that the Barbies can be separated from the Tonkas.

The LRC elves are here!

Boat Loading for the Head of the Yarra

If your crew is competing in the Head of the Yarra next Saturday, you will need to load your Eight and oars on the trailer by Wednesday evening at the latest.

The trailer will leave the Club on Thursday morning very early and if your boat is not on the trailer by then, you won’t be able to race in it.

Arrange for your crew to derig, split and load your Eight and blades on the trailer any time from Wednesday morning. Make sure your riggers are tied up and labelled before they get loaded.

If you are loading first, put your halves at the top of the trailer. If you place them at the bottom, they will be removed and left behind.
Any questions, please email the Captain or Justin.

Captain’s Log

Boat Usage – Green v Black

I would like to remind members about the Club Rules relating to boat use.

1. Recreational Members are not permitted to use BLACK boats. The only exceptions are where they are asked to fill in crews due to a regular member’s absence for a “one off” session.
This means they cannot take out a BLACK scull ever. Nor can two of them take out a BLACK double. Recreational members are permitted to use any GREEN boat. Bookings are still advisable in order to reserve a boat over peak demand periods – mornings and weekends.

2. Competitive Seniors and Juniors are permitted to use BLACK boats subject to them providing a plan of their program as a lead up to particular competition.
This can be submitted via their coach. Such boats must still be requested and booked via the normal weekly online booking system. Use of BLACK un-booked boats still requires the approval of the Club Captain. The two main reasons for this are to keep our best boats in the best possible condition for racing and to ensure damaged boats do not get taken out by unaware rowers.

I will be reflecting the above Club Policies in the boat bookings each week. A detailed explanation of the above policies can be found on our website.

Members caught taking boats unauthorised will be restricted in their boat usage in the future.


The following new members avoided my Orientation sessions but their absence was noted. The next date for Orientation is February 7th 2015. I will add any new members to the list as we get closer.

Please make an effort to front up, otherwise your name will be on the list forever.

  • Annalisa Armitage
  • Anthony Koukoullis
  • Anthony Tridgell
  • Chris McGorey
  • Claire Fox
  • Gamma Willeboordse
  • Gary Stead
  • Greg Norman
  • Haig Conolly
  • Hamish King
  • James Alexander
  • Jayson Gordon
  • Jordan Welden-Iley
  • Joshua Ruthnaswamy
  • Kate Weatherall
  • Kevin Howland-Rose
  • Leslie Revilla
  • Lilien Valov
  • Mark Thomas
  • Martina Hess
  • Mitchell Strachan
  • Roger Harte
  • Scott Patterson
  • Vanessa Douglas

Volunteer Sheet

One of the things covered at NEW MEMBERS ORIENTATION is the selection by members of areas they are able to assist in the running of their Club. We will be re-introducing this process for all members at membership renewal time next season.

In the meantime I will be placing a basket just outside the office containing blank volunteer forms.

I request all members who have not completed one do so and then place in the neighbouring basket.

This will assist the current Committee in the planning and implementation of all the various tasks that need to be covered throughout the year.

It will also provide a method for each of you to become more involved and enjoy your membership.

Rowing Tip

At the recent Coaches’ meeting our guest speaker Mr Allan Bennett from Rowing NSW, was asked to describe the method for propelling the boat at faster and faster speeds.

He used the following analogy: as a child many of us had a hula hoop. To get it to roll along the ground we would start off by tapping it slowly. To get it to speed up we smoothly tapped quicker with care otherwise it would fall over. Our tap had to match the speed of the hoop when it made contact and push it away a little quicker each time. The extra pressure came from the middle of the contact period, not a jerk at the finish.

The other point was that every stroke should be at pressure. The only variable is the rating.

At the beginning of a season the rating is low but still with pressure. As the program progresses the rating slowly builds, but still at pressure. The length in the water is constant but as the rating increases the time in the water decreases. It is that time reduction that increases the rating and boat speed, not the time up the slide.

Coaches to note – Race Entries Due by 24th November

For Reindeer & Sprints. Taree not far away. Send your entries to your co-ordinator or coach as soon as possible.

Steven Duff

Help put away equipment at the club this Sunday morning

If you are around the Clubhouse Sunday morning please help move the equipment into the gym ahead of a group coming in at midday for a lunch.

Diary dates

  • Saturday 22 Nov: Iron Cove Classic 3 – 8am – 9am
  • Sat 22 Nov: NSW Time trial 3 – Nepean River
  • Sun 23 Nov: function at Club from midday
  • Sat 29 Nov: Head of the Yarra, Melbourne
  • Sat 6 Dec: RNSW Reindeer regatta at SIRC
  • Sun 7 Dec: NSW Sprint regatta SIRC
  • Sat 13 Dec: Xmas party