A preview of rowing on Lake Karapiro

From the Captain

Membership Renewal

We are quickly coming up to membership renewal. The Committee has agreed that we will not be entering in discussions about splitting payments on your membership. Should you have actual financial issues paying the full amount please talk to Simon/Matt. Otherwise memberships will be due in full at the time of renewal (from July 1st). A discussion will happen shortly about the renewal costs for the coming year.


Bont Shoes have kindly donated some prototype shoes (red/blue that have been installed in some boats. Should you row in any of these boats and have any constructive feedback please let Matt know and he will direct it back. We and the AIS are the first club to try them out, Bont is a very well renowned cycling shoe company that are now working with BATlogic the shoe quick release company; Nike/Omada have decided to not make them anymore.


Time to pick up our game a little on the use of blades. Blades should have as little contact as possible with the ground. This causes damage to the back of the spoon, to the buttons and sleeves. Last week a button was ripped off it was caught in a space in the timber deck. Spoons are never to be placed curve down, including washing, launching/landing at the pontoon. When launching / landing your blades should not be dragged along the pontoon: this causes damage to the blade and the pontoon deck. Please land with the bow side blade on the gunnel and lean to stroke so that the blade is in the air, reverse when pushing off. Yes, this does mean that walking on the blade could cause breaking it, but if you walk on a blade we have bigger problems.

Marcus will soon have stickers on the shafts of all of the blades and we will remove the name of the blade from the spoons.

When placing blades on the floating pontoon, only put one layer of blades on the flat section. Should this be full use the ramp; do not dump blades on top of blades. Remember: place the spoons face up.

Sue has started to check all the blade lengths on the jig located in the PLC bay. All blades will be conformed to the LRC standard which is on the noticeboard with the boat bookings, no exceptions.

Big boat crews: can you please check your blades to save Sue sometime, as we have 100s of blades needing to be checked. Also advise your boat captain if you need new grips as we will conduct an order shortly.

Finally, 8 blades are for 8s only. The new Arrows are only to be rowed with the Mackenzie or Clare, and only by black crews.

If you are rowing a 4 or pairs we have sets of blades for them. Please use them or tell Bob or Matt why you can’t.
8s all have their own blades; please use only the blades from your boat.

Blade use:

  • Clare for the Boomalakka
  • Thorn blades to be used for Bohemia or Thorn (Prem 14 if others in use)
  • Bartlett blades to be used for Bartlett or Duff (Prem 14 if others in use)

We have 8 pairs of pair blades. Arrows are only to be used by LWT men or Women’s black crews as that’s what they are designed for and what the grant was applied for. We have many blades for  heavy men to use. Again new labels will be up shortly.

Those that have been at the shed in the past week will notice I have already started policing this.

Carpet and gym

Next week, the gym will be mostly inaccessible as the carpet is being replaced. Please everyone lend a hand to move the equipment.


To enter a regatta, send your entries to regatta@lrc.com.au

  • 24-28 April – World Masters Games, Lake Karapiro, NZ
  • Sun 30 April – Iron Cove Masters regatta, Iron Cove
  • 6-7 May – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 18-21 May – National Masters Championships, Nagambie, VIC
  • 13 June – RNSW Presentation dinner, UTS, 6.30pm
  • Sun 23 July 11am to 3pm – LUOR lunch