Rowers beware!

Please be aware that this Sunday at 8:30am the ‘Dawny Swim’ will be held from the Dawn Fraser Baths (that green shed thing just past Balmain Rowing Club) to Cockatoo Island.
It is expected that all ICC 3 competitors will have cleared the area by this time but please be aware that this event is on.
Marshalls and anyone else in a tinny are requested to return to the club by going around and ‘behind’ Cockatoo Island – i.e please avoid the area between the Baths and the Island.


This week go to Susie Philpot who has single handily sanded back, painted and ‘chevroned’ the complete set of Jaques’ oars (belonging to the boat not the man)

Are you on Santa’s list?

Santa has received no volunteers to assist with the Christmas Party so he will be reviewing his naughty list and nominating volunteers.
Tickets are available through the online shop.

And the winner is…

The time has finally come to draw the raffles for the 4 Tribal Warrior NYE harbour cruise tickets and the Wonki Ware table setting for 8 people.

The draw will take place after the ICC3 on Sunday. A very small number of tickets are still available for purchase before the draw on Sunday. Bring your money on Sunday and secure yourself a chance to win these fabulous prizes as well as support your club in the process

All aboard the HoTY Train

An impressive 13 LRC crews will be contesting the Head of the Yarra this year – which we think is a Club’s record, and possibly a world record! It is great to see the support from all participants.

A few people have been asking questions about how it all works on the day so here is a few FAQs. Don’t forget to check the HoTY website for specific race details and requirements. The provisional draw is also out.

HOY Course Map

1. Where will the trailer be? Where do we assemble boats?

The boat storage and assembly area is on the grassy area between the Princes Bridge and the rowing clubs on the bank of the Yarra (the grassy bit next to A on the map below – the area to the left, or west, is Southbank). Details will be provided next week on the time of arrival and location of the trailers (as we have two going down).
Don’t forget your tools!

2. Where is the start / finish?

You will boat in front of the rowing clubs on Boathouse Drive and the start (obviously) is just down river from there, 8.6km away.
The start IS NOT at Hawthorn Rowing Club – that is the Finish!

3. Where do spectators go?

There are a number of excellent spots to view the HoTY action:

  • There is plenty of room at the start to watch all the crews go off
  • For those who like to think of rowing as a contact sport and enjoy a bit of carnage we suggest hanging out at Big Bend (H on the map – if you haven’t done HoTY before all we can say is Good Luck!)
  • To see the push for home and get a great view of some excellent (and not so excellent) rowing there is a footpath on Hawthorn Bridge (see 8 on the map)
  • And for the super keen there is a footpath/ bikepath that follows the course, mostly, so your supporters can follow you the whole way!

It is worth noting that there are very few, if any, options to sit at the finish line – Hawthorn Bridge is your best bet. There is a park at the finish, but no view of the finish line – don’t be fooled.

4. What facilities are at the end?

The park at the end is set up to meet most of your needs on the day. There a portable toilets, food and drink available, including a well-earned cold beer. There is some merchandise available as well. There is often a band or live music at the finish as well as racks for storing boats and derigging.

5. How do we get the boats back on the trailers?

The trailers will be driven to the finish where you will be able to load your boat and oars straight on, provided you can make it up the hill to the road.
No LRC crews should be rowing back to the start, some clubs do this but due to incidents that will not be mentioned, we no longer do this.

6. Where is the dinner?

At the Yarra Yarra rowing club, which is one of the Clubs at the start. There is also a gin festival on Saturday evening around the start area to get the blood flowing again.

And then there’s Taree

If the idea of HoTY is not enough to get you excited then don’t forget that Taree is just around the corner – in January.

Now is the time to start thinking about your transition to short course racing and discussing crews and events with your coach and crew.

Coaches and crews should start letting Steve know what events you are aiming for.

If you haven’t booked accommodation then get in quick as we all know a room can be hard to find closer to the date.

As always, there will be a club dinner, with (very) short speeches, on the Saturday night.

Dates to remember

  • Orientation for new members – 21 November, 10:30 – 12:00
  • RNSW Grade Regatta – CANCELLED
  • Iron Cove Classic 3 – 22 November, Iron Cove (LRC hosting – BBQ after)
  • BRO information evening – 24 November, 6:00pm, SRC
  • Head of the Yarra – 28 November, Yarra River
  • Reindeer Regatta – 5 December, SIRC
  • NSW Sprint Championships – 6 December, SIRC
  • Christmas Party – 19 December, LRC