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Captain’s Log

Good luck to everyone racing in the Nationals

For our members who are racing in the National Championships at SIRC this coming week, the Club wishes them great rowing, sportsmanship and the best of luck.
Do yourselves proud!

Shed Clean Up Hour, ­Saturday 21 March

You’ve all heard of Earth Hour? Let’s call this Shed Hour!

This Saturday at 8.30am while the LTR and Pymble are on the water I am asking all available members to donate 60 minutes of their lives to clean out the shed.

  1. Remove everything off the floor downstairs. Sweep out and hose floor and mats.
  2. Organise and label shelves behind mirrors.
  3. Kitchen total clean and organise.
  4. Scrape off growths on pontoon.
  5. Replace all broken light globes.
  6. Hose bird droppings off outside seats on deck.
  7. Straighten all photos on walls.
  8. Run BBQ to feed for free only all those helping.

Boat christening has been postponed – date TBA

Rex will be away this weekend so we thought that we couldn’t name a boat in his honour and he not be there.

A new date will be announced shortly.

We are going to keep saying it ­ ‘No light, no rowing’

All members must ensure lighting on boats complies with the Law if out before sunrise or after dark. Two lights, one at each end of the boat (not within the cockpit).

Coaches are required to stop crews getting on the water or send them back, if not correctly and brightly lit.

RMS requires visibility for 2 miles to qualify as BRIGHT.

Batteries are available from the office, 3 for $1 (please use the jar provided for the coins) and lights can be bought from the LRC shop

Be warned: there are no excuses if RMS issues you a fine.

Steven Duff

Getting coached by Steve Roll: Some advice

I will be available for you during daylight hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings except the third weekend of the month (starting in April), when I will not be at the club.

Put your name on the white board if you are coming out with me.

Put a bow marker on your boat so that I can ‘SEE’ you. I don’t look for a crew, I look for a bow marker.

Bow markers are now adjacent to the white board in the lobby.

I operate in “THE LOOP” from the club to the bridge and back to the club.

I DO NOT operate outside this area. If you want to keep on going to Long Nose, Lane Cove, or UTS, for any reason, don’t expect me to follow you.

I shall be installing a flashing strobe light on my tinnie whenever I’m out in it so that you can see where I am.

Life Jackets in Tinnies

A life jacket must be worn when boating alone.
Everyone in a tinny must wear a life jacket between sunset and sunrise.
At all times there must be one life jacket in the tinny for every occupant.

Giving back

LRC is a community club. We rely on our members to keep the club operating. So, when you are on the pontoon, give each other a hand.
Look after the club as you do your home: Pick up any rubbish you see, keep the kitchen clean, put back the gym equipment and look after the boats as you would your own …and, come to ‘Shed Hour’ this Saturday 8.30am

Boat Race Official

You might want to ‘give back’ to rowing by becoming an official Boat Race Official (BRO) through Rowing NSW. Check out the Rowing NSW website or contact Brett Morley on 9555 6111

Tinny licence course on Tuesday 22 April

LRC has made it mandatory to hold a licence if you are driving a tinny.
The club has arranged for a tinny licence course to be held at the club on Tuesday 22 April, from 5.30pm.
The cost of the course is $46. You will need to register. For more information refer to the website.

Diary dates

  • Sat 21 March – Shed Hour cleanup – 8.30am
  • Sun 22-29 March – Nationals – Sydney International Rowing Regatta – SIRC
  • Sun 29 March – Learn to row mini regatta and BBQ – Iron Cove
  • Sat 11-12 April- NSW Edward Trickett Grade championships – SIRC
  • Sat 19 April – Drummoyne Rowers Master Regatta – Iron Cove
  • Tues 22 April – Tinny licence course from 5.30pm – LRC