Membership renewal

2014-2015 Member subscription fees are now due

Membership fees are now due. The fees have been kept the same as last year. Submit your renewal and pay the fees online before 31st August.

Tax time donation

Remember that a donation to the LRC Equipment Fund is tax deductible and will help the club to purchase rowing equipment. Interested? Find out how by visiting our donation page.

Captain’s Log

Boat Bookings

Everyone is returning to the waterways over the next few weeks so bookings essential. Please submit your bookings by Friday before 6pm.

Last Out

Lights are still left on. Verandah doors left open. Security system not activated. Please check and secure building if you are the last out.

[A quad crew was locked out of the shed while still on the water last week, please make sure you check if boats are missing in the shed before you lock everything up.]

Steve Duff

Recreational rowing – Volunteer roster

The senior active members’ roster for supporting the recreational crews is at
Remember to check for your name and date.

LUOR Lunch – 20 July at 11am

All members and their families are invited to attend the 68th annual reunion and luncheon of the Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers on Sunday 20 July.
Proceeds from the raffle go towards the club.
Children free.
Lunch $25. Raffle tickets (optional) $20.
Purchase raffle tickets from David Bodell, Steve Jacques or Tony Potter.

RSVP for catering to Tony Potter or Barry Moynahan by 11 July.


Odus, the wise owl, will now take questions

Last week, we introduced Odus (who sits patiently on the pontoon and sees everything). Odus has now offered his infinite wisdom to solve any issues that LRC members may have – rowing related, but we know there are some personal ones that need answers too.

This week’s questions have been tormenting a few rowers for some time:

Why the 5am starts?
Odus: my friend, there are a few opinions about this. The most common one is that the water is at its best early in the morning, but as I keep a close watch on it all day, I observe that if the water is good at 5am, it will be good at 7am too, hence this is not my preferred explanation. I watch you turn up scruffy and in clothes you’ve clearly slept in, while it’s still pitch black and cold. I can only conclude your social lives are compromised. The only people who can put up with this are as mad as you, and on the pontoon at 5am. Relax and don’t think too much about it.

I’ve heard of the term “Pairgate.” What does it mean?
Odus: don’t get me started on this. If you feel strong, just ask the Captain.

Send your questions to Odus and check back next week to see if he’s had enough time to ponder an answer.

Diary dates

  • Boat rally: Sunday 6 July
  • LRC Award night: 12 July
  • LUOR Lunch: 11am 20 July
  • JB Sharp regatta ends at LRC: Sunday 10 August
  • Trivia Night: Saturday 17 August
  • AGM: Sunday morning 31 August
  • Corporate & LTR regatta: SIRC 7 September
  • Fundraiser: 15 November
  • Christmas party: 13 December