Taree 2017

A very successful regatta for LRC. We had 123 entries and took up 359 seats, with 52 competing members.
There were 21 first places, 23 second places and 33 third places, so our success rate in placing was almost 63% in placing crew in the top 3.

The LRC Mix 8+ was 5th in the mega drag race with 14 boats side-by-side; a good effort with 8 seconds of handicap.

The Women collected 125 points and the Men 47 – and the tradition continues…

Well done to all who competed and the cheer-leading squad too!


Ah, the smell of new paint…! Let’s keep the Club nice and clean and re-hang the photos where they belong. If everyone does a little bit, we’ll get all the floor space back in no time.


A number of senior members have approached us recently, wondering if there is a formal way they could leave something to the Club – like Margot Simington recently did with her magnificent bequest of $10,000 which we used to buy a “new” eight for our Juniors.

Via the Leichhardt Rowing Club section of the Australian Sports Foundation, donations and bequests can be made to the club, which are tax deductible for the donor family.

Of course it is possible to donate to the club at any time but we believe some members are keen to find a tax-effective way for their families to make a significant donation to the club, in their memory, after their passing. A bequest can be made by providing specific instructions in your will and by writing to the President to inform him of your wishes.

If you would like to discuss this matter at all please feel free to contact the President.

2017 Summer Camp

A massive thanks to Tim, Sue, Fiona, Nick and Lou for all the food preparation and moral support. The camp was a success for everyone, people falling asleep very early which is a good sign.
Frank and Kerry allowed the rowers to use their speedboat in Taree, so thanks to them for that use. Finally thanks to Justin for driving up on the Friday of the camp with a trailer so that we could have the boats.

Corporate Regatta

This year we are determined to make the LRC Corporate Challenge bigger and better than ever. Later in the year we’ll be calling for volunteer coaches, BROs etc but right now everyone can help by trying to get a corporate crew together. We don’t need “suggestions of people who might be interested” we need Sales, people, SALES!!

So start hassling the people you work with to form a crew and see if you can talk your boss into paying for it. Then contact Marcus with something like the following email: “Hi Marcus, I work at XXXX Ltd. and I’ve got a corporate crew organised for the LRC Challenge. Could you please write to billy.bloggs@XXXX.com and arrange for invoicing and send him all the details.”

This year training will start in early August and the regatta will be at SIRC on Sunday Sept 3rd. But we need to start now before next year’s budgets are set. Last year’s brochure is on the website and it will be updated over the next week or so. We need to re-surface the blue pontoon and we need some new quads and doubles so start selling the virtues of rowing to your buddies.

Boat Repairs

Please report any damage or maintenance issues for a boat to its specific Boat Captain so that can be tracked on a GoogleDoc spreedsheet.

A copy of it is on the website and noticeboard next to the boat bookings. Of course major damage should still be reported to Bob and Matt. We are trialing this so that all members know the status of the fleet. If its noted and tracked somewhere, it will be actioned.

Junior Development

It would be nice to start getting some new juniors into the shed (14 and up), as many of our current rowers are about to move into year 12. The aim for this year is to get an influx of LTR juniors and boost our numbers again.

It was evident at camp and by other clubs at Taree that we need to develop this area so if you know of any Juniors that you feel could be suited to rowing or have done LTRs at other clubs please get them in contact with Matt, Annalisa or Geoff Rich so that we can get them involved.


  • Sat 28 Jan 2017 – RNSW Small Boats Regatta
  • Fri 3 Feb 2017 – U21 Twilight Regatta #4
  • Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Pymble Ladies College Regatta
  • Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Lake Macquarie Rowing Club
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – NRRA Age Championships
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Endeavour Rowing Club
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Balmain Rowing Club Regatta
  • Fri-Sun 10-12 Feb 2017 – NSW Rowing Championships