state champs 2015

Michael and Adalita show how it’s done at the State Championships

Captain’s Log

State Championships Wrap up

Congratulations to our rowers who competed in the State Championships, well done. Lots of PBs and 3 medals.
Special mention to the Place Winners:

CMU21L 2x – Lachlan Andrew & Michael McCrea – Silver
CMEL 4x – Ray Fang, Max Vogel, Lachlan Andrew and Ben Adams – Silver
CMEL 2x – Max Vogel and Ben Adams – Bronze

And their coaches – Frank Thorn and Simon Hoadley

New Boats are arriving

A new pair was delivered this week. The committee has decided to call it the ‘Belinda Brigham’, in recognition for all the work Belinda does behind the scenes.

A new coxed 4 arrives on the 24th. It will be called ‘Premiers 2014’.

Race Entries

Entries for the Sydney Regatta at SIRC on Saturday 28th February are due in by this Friday. It is a Club Regatta – so Masters and Grade events only. No recreationals.

Club’s Security is everyone’s responsibility

Recently the doors have been left open with nobody in the shed. The worst time is the evening. The Club has been found wide open regularly after dusk. This must stop!

If you know who is doing it please let me know.

The front door is to be kept closed at all times. Do not prop it open with a milk crate. All current members are given the code and should use it.

If you are the last one out, you are responsible for checking that all the roller doors are down (without a hose under them), that the windows and doors are closed upstairs, lights are off and downstairs doors closed.

Press ARM on the touch panel inside the door to arm the security system.

Sydney University College Rowers

Four Colleges have started their campaign to win the intercollegiate 2015 competition.

All rowers are joining LRC as guest members for 2 months. Their training will be after 7am so should not conflict with other members’ access for equipment or the gym.
The Colleges are St Paul’s, Sancta Sophia, Women’s and Wesley. Please make them feel welcome.

I will be encouraging them to stay on as members after their competition and join our Youth Squads. Some have decided to race for LRC at regattas leading up to their event.

Leichhardt Regatta is ON this Sunday

This Sunday is the LRC Regatta on Iron Cove.

There will be no recreational rowing.

Non competing members are encouraged to help out on the BBQ, on the pontoon or just come down to support.

Steven Duff

The new LRC hats are here!

We have got new hats, blue and white, for purchase through our online shop. Check them out and update your wardrobe! $15 each.

Boat Bookings

Remember to book boats one week in advance through our online booking system, only available between 12pm and 6pm on Fridays.

Diary dates

  • Sat 21 Feb: Riverview Gold Cup regatta Lane Cove River
  • Sun 22 Feb: LRC regatta Iron Cove
  • Sat 28 Feb: Sydney Rowing Club regatta SIRC
  • Sat 28 Feb: AAGPS All Schools regatta – Iron Cove