Iron Cover Masters regatta hosted by LRC

Remember how we did it a couple of weeks ago?

Well, we are doing this all over again on Sunday 6th of May. LRC will host the final masters regatta in the Bay until the next season.

So all of you volunteers, you know you can do it again. We are a well-oiled machine by now!

Contact AnnaC please with your favourite task.


from Andrew Hine

The ANZAC Day Row is almost upon us. Participating crews and tinny drivers and assistants need to be at the Club ready for the Safety Brief on the deck at 3.40AM on 25 April.
First boats away between 3.50 AM and 4.00 AM to arrive Blackwattle Bay 4.40AM.

First crew attaches to the rope line from the centre. Full description of the approach to the rope line will be given in the safety briefing.

When we return to the club a breakfast of fruit, cereal, yoghurt, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages will be provided for a gold coin donation. Nancy would like a hand with the preparation on the day so please email her on: to discuss how you can help. And, bring along your homemade Anzac biscuits to share!

Boat Bookings

Find them online refreshed now that Matt has taken them on.

JB Sharp Series

The JB Sharp series will run from 3 June 2018 until 29 July 2018.

Great intro to racing and free too!

No registration is needed unless you are racing in the 1x.

Please see Rob Tiley or AnnaC for more info.

Polo shirts

Tim Mason has had the brilliant idea of getting some white polo shirts designed.
If you would like one, pre-order and pre-pay on the Shop site.

Polos will be ready by 18 May if you pre-order by 1 May. Pick up only from the Club. We DO NOT ship anything. 🙂


  • 25 April, Wednesday – ANZAC Day Row
  • 28-29 April, Saturday and Sunday – Trickett regatta, SIRC (Grade Championships)
  • 6 May, Sunday – Iron Cove (LRC) Masters, Iron Cove
  • 10-13 May – Lake Barrington (TAS), National Masters Championships
  • 26-27 May, Saturday and Sunday – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 3 June, Sunday – #1 JB Sharp, Glebe
  • 17 June, Sunday – #2 JB Sharp, UTS
  • 1 July, Sunday – #3 JB Sharp, Drummoyne
  • 15 July, Sunday – #4 JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 29 July, Sunday – #5 JB Sharp, LRC – presentations