29 August 2013

  • LRC Corporate Program
  • Competitive Women Rowers’ Meeting
  • Scullers head of Nepean
  • Lost your password?
  • Membership fees need to be paid by Sunday 31 August
  • Diary dates

LRC Corporate Program

Our first corporate crew commences training this Saturday morning. A full program detailing their training times, boats and tinnies allocated is on the BOAT ALLOCATIONS notice board downstairs. The bulk of the training is during the week. Tuesday is the worst with 5 eights going out between 5.15 and 5.30am. Mondays, Wednesdays and weekends are the best days for Club crews to train.

If you are at the Club when the Corporates are around please be friendly. They get right of way. This means letting (helping) them get on and off the water first, use of the ergs and access to the kitchen. We provide the crews and their coaches with breakfast. It is not for general Club members.

The training goes for 1 month and pays for new equipment!

We still need a few more coxes for crews. Please come forward this week if you can help for 1 month (twice per week).

Competitive Women Rowers’ Meeting

This Sunday at 8.30am, followed by ergs for those available to get underway.

Meeting will be run by Steve Sherry, Tim Tindale and Steven Duff.

Have your say and be part of the future at LRC!

Scullers Head Of Nepean

Some great results last weekend. Well done to all who went. Special mentions go to Michael McCrea, Genevieve Kour, Rosa Brown and Adalita Young. Several PBs and 1st and 2nd places.

Lost your password?

If you cannot remember or want to change your password on the LRC website, use this link.

Membership fees

Membership fees need to be paid by Sunday 31 August.

Do it now. The form is here.

Competitive rowers will also need to renew their Rowing NSW Membership before they enter any race.

Diary dates

  • Monday is 5km time trial day – meet at 5.55am at outside UTS
  • Wednesday is bike ride – 5.30pm at Robertson Road gates
  • Friday is “stick around for breakfast” morning
  • Sat 7th Sept – Head of Nepean – boat loading Friday morning (TBC by Belinda)
  • Sat 28th Sept – Corporate regatta at SIRC. All Club members to attend
  • October – Learn to row