AGM 2016 – New Committee

Last Sunday we had our AGM for 2016 which was well attended. The new committee for the coming year is:

  • Justin Milne – President
  • Marcus Trimble – Vice President
  • Matt Bourke – Captain
  • Anna Cicognani – Vice-Captain Female
  • Dean Patterson – Vice Captain Male
  • Lauren Rizzuto – Vice-Captain Juniors
  • Geoff Rich – Secretary
  • Gordon Cooper – Assistant Secretary
  • Simon Miller – Treasurer
  • Alex Kempson – Assistant Treasurer
  • David Cowlishaw – Property Master
  • Christine Seeliger – Regatta Secretary
  • Annalisa Armitage and Bob Kelsall – elected committee members

Congratulations to the incoming committee and thanks to the outgoing committee members, especially Steve Duff who steps down after four years of legendary service to the club.

A highlight of the meeting was the conferment on Sandy Rourke of Life Membership of the Leichhardt Rowing Club. Sandy has had a wonderful career in rowing and is one of the women who has blazed a path for other girls and women to follow. When Sandy started rowing, there were very few women in the sport and today Leichhardt is about 50/50 men and women.

Sandy was the inaugural Oarswoman of the year in 1981 and retired later in the 80’s as the undefeated women’s lightweight champion of Australia.
She won silver medals in two successive years at the Single Scull lightweight World titles at Henley.
After a break to bring up some daughters she returned to Masters rowing and won two golds at the Prague World Masters in 2001 and then continued on her winning way over the years winning Gold Slver and Bronze in 2013 in Italy.

But she puts back into the sport as well. From 1977 she has been on the LRC Committee in one form or another, most recently as assistant treasurer. And she has always been ready to coach – from juniors to grumpy old men masters.

Stopping in the Fairway

Rest stops on the Cove

As the season kicks into gear and there are more and more boats and tinnies on the Cove it’s important to be considerate both in the way you row and the way you stop.

DON’T stop in the middle of the main track.

1. you’ll be hard to see.

2. You’ll be a nuisance because you will make someone who is training and part way through a piece swerve to avoid you. If you want to have a break, no problem but pull off the fairway at or around the points marked with an “R” on this little mud map. It’s VERY important for coaches in tinnies to abide by this too. If you want to give your crews more pearls of your wisdom, do it at the places marked with an “R”.

Washing People Out

If you’re out in an LRC tinnie it’s very important that you are polite to all other rowers on the Cove. You can’t just barge through other boats with your group of rowers. You have to do everything you can to minimise your wash or avoid it altogether. That might mean waiting, or it might mean losing contact with your group for a while as they pass other rowers. Please think about the others who use the Cove.

Trivia Night

Get your tickets sorted ASAP!

Head of the Nepean

Tomorrow is the Head of the Nepean for big boats, which contributes to the Bohemia points score. LRC has an excellent track record, regularly winning the Bohemia trophy. The Shoalhaven head race, followed in the afternoon by the Sprints, is in two weeks’ time and we need a really good turn out for it – especially the Sprints because each race place counts for triple points. The club that does well at the Shoalhaven and at Taree puts themselves in a great position to win the Championship. So train hard and put your best crews forward.

Corporate and LTR Regatta

On Sunday the crews who have been training hard and learning the difficulties of our sport take to Iron Cove for a brief regatta starting at 10.00am, followed by a sausage sizzle. Come down to help or spectate and then go off for your Fathers Day lunch. Special thanks to Marcus and Heidi who have organised these crews and help generate vital money for the club in the process.

Runsheet for the Regatta on Sunday

9.00-9.30 everyone ready to go. Boat marshals in tinnies. First crews on the pontoon ready to push off.
9.30 last crews to leave pontoon
10.00 first heat
10.15 second heat
10 30 third heat
10.45 first final
11.00 second final.
11.10 – sausages and beer
11.30 – presentations
12.00 – wrap

Would be great to get as many people as possible at the club, bring a zootie and you may get thrown in for a club boat. Please remember this is a large component of funding for the club so as many members down to support would be appreciated.

Davit (boat lifter) fixed

Thanks to Bob the Davit, it is now fully operational and compliant.

  1. Remote plug in control is to live in the shed above the voltage box inside the door of shed 5
  2. The remote control and lead – be careful plugging in and our and ensure it does not fall into the water
  3. Do not over rotate the davit – boat lifter, more than the voltage cables allow – 180deg max….
  4. At first be careful that all is well lifting
  5. All tinnies in the next few weeks will be checked for correct lifting ropes

PLC Times

As of Tuesday this week we will welcome the girls back.

Tuesday & Thursday
between 5.15-5.30am and 6.50-7.05am PLC girls have priority as they need to make the bus and get their full session in.

– 6.00am to 6.20am
– 8.30am to 8.50am

– 7.00am to 7.20am off the water staggered from here

Boat Maintenance Reminder

Just a reminder to all crews and boat captains that all boats require the work to be completed ASAP.

Boat Bookings

Will now be conducted on Thursday by 6pm to allow a little more time to get the bookings out for the following week.

Regatta entries

Send your entries to Anna Cico. If you want to race, you MUST be registered with RNSW. If you are not, your entry will not be processed.


  • 3 September, Head of the Nepean
  • 4 September, LRC Corporate and Learn to Row Regatta, Iron Cove
  • 10 September, Indoor Rowing Championships, DRC
  • 11 September, Henley on Hunter
  • 17 September, Head of the Shoalhaven
  • 17 September, Shoalhaven Sprints
  • 24 September, NSWIS TT (invited only)
  • 24 September, Nepean regatta
  • 1 October, North Shore Head (small boats only)
  • 15 October, Trivia night