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Good luck to Pymble at the Head of the River

The Pymble girls are on fire and collecting many wins. Tomorrow they will be competing at the Head of the River. Good luck from all of LRC: we wish every success to all the girls participating and their coaches. The hard work is about to pay off!

Busy times on the pontoon

Please make taking your boat off the water the priority particularly at busy times. The habit of de-rigging on the pontoon or taking up the oars holds up everyone else, so please be considerate and clear up the boat off the water first.

Drummoyne Grade regatta

Entries for the DRC grade are due next Friday.
Please send your entries to Christine or AnnaC.

New website look coming soon

We are working on an upgrade of our website theme – stay tuned for a new look & feel.


  • 3 March, Saturday – Riverview Gold Cup
  • 18 March, Sunday – DRC regatta, Iron Cove
  • 8 April, Sunday – LRC regatta, Iron Cove
  • 22 April, Sunday – DRC Masters regatta, Iron Cove
  • 25 April, Wednesday – ANZAC Day Row
  • 28-29 April, Saturday and Sunday – Trickett regatta, SIRC (Grade Championships)
  • 6 May, Sunday – Iron Cove (LRC) Masters, Iron Cove
  • 10-13 May – Lake Barrington (TAS), National Masters Championships
  • 26-27 May, Saturday and Sunday – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC