Mackenzie and Ivanov – 1958

Stuart Alexander (“Sam”) Mackenzie

Some more information about Sam Mackenzie, after whom one of our eights is named, and who kindly donated his 6 “pinapple” goblets which he won at the Royal Henley Regattas.

Stuart rowed in the 7 seat in the 1954 Kings School eight and joined Leichhardt Rowing Club later that year.

As a member of Leichhardt Rowing Club:

He rowed in the 5 seat in the Leichhardt eight which won the 1955 NSW Championship – members of the crew were Bob Stone (bow), Steve Roll (2), Joe Cooper (3) Ted Curtin (4) Stuart Mackenzie (5), Peter Evatt (6), Geoff Williamson (7), David Anderson (Stroke), Lionel Robberds (cox).

He was then selected into the NSW eight to contest the 1995 Kings Cup in Adelaide. The crew was placed third behind Western Australia and Victoria. Bow: Bill Andrews (Sydney), 2: Peter M Evatt (Leich), 3: James Kenneway (SUBC), 4: John Rodgers (Sydney), 5: Stuart Mackenzie (Leich), 6: David Asimus (SUBC), 7: Geoff Williamson (Leich), Str: David R Anderson (Leich), Cox: Lionel Robberds (Leich), Emergs: Richard Browne (Sydney) & William Rodgers (Sydney), Cch: Jack A Goulding (Sydney), Mgr: Eric C S Holford (Mosman).

Stuart took up sculling in 1955 and was declared as an Olympic prospect after competing in JB Sharp regattas and early 1955-56 regatta season. He won the 1955 NSW Senior Sculls Championship beating Gordon Lawson and Merv Wood, both from Sydney Rowing Club in a time of 7 minutes 44 seconds.

He went on to win the 1956 President’s Cup (Interstate) sculling championship, beating Merv Wood by 3-1/2 lengths in a time of 7:27.4 and became the first competitor selected into the 1956 Olympic Team.

Stuart won the silver medal at the 1956 Olympics, beaten by V Ivanov (Russia).

He went on to win the President’s Cup again in 1957. All of these achievements he made as a member of Leichhardt Rowing Club.

In 1957 he went to England to compete in the Diamond Sculls at the Henley Royal Regatta – an event he won a record six times, won the Silver Goblets (pairs) with Christopher Davidge and won numerous British and European events.

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