Pontoon works

We are upgrading our pontoon as currently it is in disrepair and needs upgrading before it gets dangerous. So please be patient whilst this work is being performed, it is in the interests of all rowers. Commencing Wednesday 7th December the club is replacing the middle section of the pontoon and it will be completed in two stages.

The pontoon will be sectioned off so access will be available one side at a time. The first section will be the western side( PLC side) and the second section east side ( leichhardt side).
It may be easier to take your boat out the Glover Street roller doors and rig on the grass at the side, or go straight on the water. It is anticipated the works will take two weeks – one week per side. Everything should be complete by 21/12 all going well. The company will fence off the affected area and they are setting up a base on a temporary pontoon beside our pontoon to remove demolished materials and supply new decking. Please be patient, take your time, allow other boats to pass, be careful as access is limited. We are doing it this way to avoid shutting the pontoon completely.

Green and Black boats

As the second part of the competitive season gets underway you might care to re-familiarise yourselves with the Competition Policy and Boat Usage Policies which can be found online here.



In order to clarify who wants to row black boats and who will be rowing green boats we’d like all black boat rowers to write to the Captain briefly stating their case so that he can compile an authoritative list. A pre-requisite for rowing black boats is Competitive Membership, i.e. you have paid your fee to be a Competitive Member not a Recreational Member.

Applications will be considered by the Regatta Committee comprising the Captain, Vice Captains and Regatta Secretary. Any input from coaches will be taken into account. We don’t see this process as being controversial, rather just administrative. Your note to Matt needs to be received by 5.00pm Friday 9th December.

New Eight

As you may have noticed, we have recently bought a new (second hand) Sykes Eight from Geelong Grammar. This boat, still to be named, will be our best racing eight and we propose that it not be used for normal training but rather kept for major regattas and for training only in the week before those regattas. That way we hope to preserve it for a long while and make sure we have good equipment for races that really matter.

This is a trial. We are interested in your feedback and any suggestions you may have regarding this new approach. If we all feel it is working well in February we may designate a quad, a double and two singles as being regatta boats only as well. Your feedback can be provided to Matt.

Margot Simington

All members will be very touched to hear that the much-loved Margot Simington has bequeathed a gift of $10,000 from her estate to the Leichhardt Rowing Club. What a great woman she was, how much she loved the club and how fondly and gratefully she will be remembered by all at LRC.

Yarra Report

Last week was a big one for the club. Over 100 people headed South into the peculiar Melbourne weather. Transport, logistics, repairs, boat hire, parties… There was a lot to organise and it was LRC at its best. There were some great rows, including a win for one of our newest crews, and above all fantastic participation to generate lots of fun and good will. Here are reports from some of the crews. And congratulations to the “D-Cups” for coming home with the Gold.

The “D-Cups” had their inaugural paddle in the Yarra on the weekend. Michael McCrea did a stellar job in stroke and Hayden Schilling steered a great, aggressive course (we are still waiting for appeals from some of the crews we pushed into the bank). We pushed pretty hard all the way up the course, passing 6 crews – until a rudder breakage put us on the bank on the last corner. We recovered, sprinted to the finish and won our category by 4 seconds!

The Stanistreet Mob raced in the Yarra last week after a two year absence. Our time wasn’t as good as we hoped (35.48 in 2016 which is 30 seconds slower from our equivalent crew in 2015), but it was a great opportunity to settle our young (in participation terms!!) crew down and familiarise them with the cheers of the locals from the bank. Cox Sandra Triulzi once again did a sterling job in steering for the corners, especially on the Big Bend, aided by the rudder installed by Bob Kelsall (5), but her care for the boat was exploited by Toowong 1 that passed on the inside and pushed us out into the stream. Stroke Colin Johnston set a solid rhythm for the entire course backed up by Tony Poulton in 7. The engine room of Andrew Hine (6), Bob K (5), Adam Wheatley (4) and Brian Dunn (3) backed them up, with Richard Coleman (2) and Alan Begg (1) striving to push on with enthusiasm, but victory was not to be on this occasion. A toast was made on the banks of the Yarra at Hawthorn for “Next Year”. So as Big Arnie would say “We’ll be back”.

The Rexes did their 12th Yarra last Saturday. Our time off the stick was 33:18.07 or 30:43.27 corrected. Our corrected time was about a minute better than any other Leichhardt crew on the day, or 4:45 better than our time in 2012, or half of the time difference with the best boat on the river between 2012 and 2016, or ………. The race organizers had mistaken the Rexes for the Avians, last year’s winner, and seeded us #1. This caused a few problems with the odd clashing of oars early and the need to give way on 3 occasions to passing boats, once going into the big bend. The commentators at the finish assumed we had gear problems. With a long preparation by our coaches Angela and Ann (AA, or The As, or A2) we gave it a red hot go and did our best time ever by more than a minute -proof that technique improvement can beat creeping decrepitude.
Coxed by a local veteran of over 40 Yarras (John Henry) the crew was stroked by Peter Gilder with Peter Walton, Graeme Reid, Michael Conry, Mark Brooks, David Cowlishaw, Rex Chadwick and Geoff Rich. To date no infections due to Yarra water quality reported.

The mighty Bullsharks raced the Head of the Yarra last week for the first time. Fresh from winning the Iron Cove Classic overall men’s series, the crew was pleased with the time of 31:59, which was the fastest time for LRC. The crew was stroked by charmer-in-chief Ed Palmisano (Tiger Shark), and included veteran oar puller Dan O’Callaghan (Jaws), the explosive Jeremy Hackett (Sharknado), the debonair Chris Shaw (Torpedo), the refined Marcus Trimble (Mako), the colourful Greg Norman (Great White), the determined Tim Byrne (Bruce), the distinguished Gary Foster (Grey) and was coxed with splendid precision by Pat Mainsbridge (Shark Bait). The after party featured banana costumes, an erg test, a boat race, a shark fin and a horse head. The Bullsharks are now sharpening their teeth for the State masters championships, and would welcome any experienced male rowers (30-50) to the squad. We are also looking for an experienced coxswain. Contact Ed.

Charlie’s Angels began their 2016 Yarra journey to bronze with an optimistic aspiration for gold. On reflection, incremental improvements against a crew of 5 elite athletes and where 5ft 10 is short, it was never going to be. Queensland University crew are just extraordinary and the Commercial Crew who finished only a minute ahead of us felt a little more in reach. We hold our head high knowing that we were the fastest NSW crew and that 2 of our crew were instrumental in Leichhardt winning the only real boat race for the weekend. Well done Di and Danielle for your superb sculling at the Yarra Yarra dinner celebrations. Looking forward to next year’s battle both on and off the water!

The Helles Bells raced the Yarra for the 1st time last week. Of the crew, which included Karen Kuzis, Helen Dunn, Jan McClelland, Alison Pincott, Jenny Fazzari, Debbie Chun, Narelle Butler and Kelly Dwyer, we had four rowers competing at the Yarra for the first time. Our coxswain, Nancy Wahlquist skilfully navigated a clean course in what was an eventful race. On the big bend our boat got to pass two crews who were at a dead stop after tangling oars. Our enthusiasm to get away from the mess saw our best splits of the race! Our bow side whacked a rather slow mother duck not far from the start that upset some of the girls but Nancy pulled us back into line yelling “Eyes in the boat girls, the duck’s o.k., EYES IN THE BOAT”. And it was OK.

The Lionhearts put in a lion like performance in their second HOTY race. In perfect rowing conditions, Jim coxed the crew (Stuart, Lesley, Trevor, Mark, Anne, Andrew, Jane, Maddie) so that each bend was navigated with razor like precision. Our coach, Steve, would have been proud of his crew who kept the pressure right up to the end! It was an exhausted group of Lionhearts which fronted up to Yarra Yarra Club for post HOTY celebrations. Exhaustion did not prevent us continuing onto the Jungle Bar later in the evening. A great weekend of rowing and partying!

After just 5 training sessions, the Very Mixed D 8+ crew, with ages ranging from 24 to 70 years old plus a New Zealand sub Liz, brought it all together on the day for a strong race and a happy crew. Super-cox Tim, the baby of the crew at 17, did an exceptional job navigating the course, smoothing out the big bend (go bow side!) and remaining calm when log-jammed through the bottleneck bridge. Excellent stroking by Justin and great support from the crew – as Justin commented afterwards, it was clear no-one took the power off. 5th place in the category, 6th fastest of the LRC crews (4th on adjusted times), our best row to date and a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for making it work – it was fun!

The Sabres trained with added passion for this year’s Head of The Yarra in honour of Margot Symington. Catherine Gleeson stroked brilliantly and stirred us all up with the words of encouragement to lead with our hearts. Tim Magrath, our ever faithful cox, steered a winning line that meant we held off repeated aggressive challenges from boat 37. We kept our rhythm and with Frank Thorn’s voice ringing in our ears we swung through our hips, together, knocking 2 min 40sec off our 2015 time – a 7% improvement! Margot was with us all the way and we were surprised and moved that her life as a rower was celebrated at the Yarra Yarra dinner.

For the Women’s D Grade crew the test of endurance began well before 26th November. But once we had assembled a crew (Hannah Smith (s), Sarah Norris, Meredith Storey, Heidi Parkes, Emma Jalalaty, Tori Johnson, Kathy Usic and Kate Webster), borrowed a boat, and found a cox (Steve Duff – woot?), there was no stopping us. With our cool, calm, and collected cox and our 9 pairs of ‘go fast’ rainbow socks we pulled out a solid row, finishing with a time of 35 minutes. Big bend? What big bend? Despite rowing together as a crew fewer than ten times, Pravin’s coaching, Captain Matt’s support, and great crew spirit were the secret of our success. We will be back for more!

Yarra Photos

While the official photos are out, send your personal ones if you like to annacico@gmail.com to post in an album on FB.

Eights – this weekend

Stainistreet which is rigged and stored on the grass needs to be brought in and put up in the location of the Walsh after row, top shelf above Bath. Walsh will be derigged and loaded on the trailer.
Stone/Trives/Monayhan to be tied down to the old trailer

PLC this Saturday

PLC are having a fun “Christmas” from 8.00am to 10.30am. They are hoping to have a BBQ on the side lawn during that time for parents, girls, staff etc. They are using the lawn to keep the shed free of parents and to be able to watch the finish near the point. No boats are to be on the grass for this. PLC are bringing down the BBQ for this.

Rich Classic

The annual Rich Classic social row to the Lane Cove Weir will take place this coming Sunday. Meeting at 5.15 a.m. sharp on the pontoon. Any late entries or withdrawals please advise Geoff Rich ASAP on grakaje@gmail.com. Barbecue breakfast at the club on return ($5)


A box has been placed in the parts cupboard next to new wheels. Old wheels are being refurbished rather than thrown out.
Could you please place any wheels that have been replaced into this box.

Christman Row – 25 Decmeber

from Steve Jacques

Anyone (members and friends) interested in participating in the club’s annual Xmas Morning row to the Sydney Opera House & Santa’s Sprint (25/12/16) please add your name to the list at the Club.

Crews can be made up from scratch or if you have a crew willing to participate – add details to the notice at the Club. We usually send a few eights and sometimes one or two quads or fours depending on who (actually) turns up. A club tinnie or two will escort the boats out and back for safety and to take the odd camera operator [Limit 1 per tinny] (and carry the crew’s Xmas drinks and / or cake and lollies – if requested) etc.

This is the only occasion that the NSW Maritime Authority (Now RMS was old WaterWays) will allow rowing craft under the Harbour Bridge. You must NOT enter the Circular Quay Ferry area. It is best to get your boat to sit off the Opera Houuse (mid point) opposite steps/pilon.

All crews should be at LRC shed and ready to boat and to row at 5.45am. We may sometimes be a bit late but we must get to the Opera House by 6.30 – 6.45an am – to meet up with the other rowers from most of the harbour clubs and some schools and Unis and share the Xmas spirit and cheer. We go if it is wet or dry. Coxswains are needed.

The “Santa’s Sprint” from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge will begin around 7.00 to 7.10am – so we should have all boats there well beforehand. Return to club by approx 8.00 to 8.15am. Have a quick coffee or go home and wake the kids !!

It is always a great way to start Christmas Day by celebrating with your club mates and rowing colleagues from other Sydney clubs etc. Don’t forget to dress your boat up (or down) & wear your Santa hat, Red nose or Reindeer antlers !!! (NOTE: It is on… Wet or Dry)


  • 3 December, Saturday, Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 4 December, Sunday – RNSW Sprints Championships
  • 4 December, Sunday – Rich Classic to the Weir (Lane Cove)
  • 17 December, Xmas Party- 6pm to 10pm
  • 25 December – Opera House Xmas row