Dear Members, I hope you all had a splendid Easter and enjoyed last week’s bumper issue. Our header pic this week encourages you all to keep the LRC spirit real – any way you can! Thank you to the folk who responded to the call and sent in stories to share – please keep them coming. This issue we have more stories from you, the people of LRC  including a legendary grudge match, social distancing in wet suits, and staying connected via weekly zoom catch-ups. We’re also launching a series celebrating some of our active life members and their extraordinary contribution to LRC and the great sport of rowing in general. As it’s mid school holidays, I’ve also included a few distractions for fractious parents. Though, as the line between school and home becomes increasingly blurred, they should serve you well anytime… If you’d like to be part of the member gallery, please send a copy of your mugshot to us. And please keep sending your stories, tips, recipes, memes, photos, videos and all other goodness to me, your not-so-new-now editor Catherine Gleeson (Gleeso) – Take care everyone. Captain Tim, President Duff and Ed. (aka Gleeso)  



Some of our active life members

What better time to celebrate these legendary folk? And if you have any other photos to add to the board – please send them to me. This week we celebrate Bill Monoghan.

Bill Monoghan

Billy Monoghan is one of a number of Life Members who are very active (and valuable) around the club. He became a Life Member 15 years ago but commenced rowing with LRC in 1950, and for the arithmetically challenged that’s 67 years!!

The story goes that Billy attended an exhibition at Sydney Town Hall which featured the original Professor Cotton’s Rowing Machine. (There’s a picture on the wall in the stairs of this first erg.) Accompanied by brother Tom, a State representative, Billy got the bug, joined LRC, and competed successfully in lightweight and championship events until marriage and nine children caused his temporary retirement for almost 30 years. But during this time he was a regular attendee at LUOR functions and kept his connection with the club.

As family obligations decreased Masters Rowing became very popular during the early 90’s, and Billy needed little encouragement to join forces with like-minded veterans in composite rowing at Club, State, and World Masters Games level. These forays developed a healthy appetite for gold medals and podium presentations. He continues to be in great demand by the Drummoyne Ancient Mariners which curse the rest of the Masters Men with their J category and colossal handicaps. But the most annoying thing is that the Ancients, like Bill, are all bloody good rowers so they are often on the podium and consistently beating “younger” crews off the stick.

Billy has made an invaluable contribution to many different LRC Committees and has served terms on the Board of RNSW. In May 2006, Rowing NSW awarded Bill the Rusty Robinson MBE Award for service to the rowing community in general.

Billy is a “doer” and an organiser and many of us have benefitted from his wisdom when it comes both to rowing and the care of our fleet.

Finally – take a look at the guy and pray that when you’re in your eighties you look as fit and fabulous as he does. If you don’t know Billy say hi to him on the pontoon and ask him anything about rowing. He’s a fantastic asset for the club and its members, and truly one of nature’s gentlemen.

– Steven Duff






Foul Play


Grudge Match

It was a warm April Sunday with Drummoyne hosting the local pair derby. Three LRC pairs were in the race. All boats were timber (now in the rafters upstairs at the shed). Naturally the best crew moved to the front (Tindale/Duff) closely followed by the challenger (Tiley/Elron) and up the rear was the new entry combination (Ross/Milne).

After an exhibition row over the first 4/5 of the course the second placers decided if they couldn’t win fairly, they would try to push the leaders off the course. So, stroke by stroke their bow pushed into the stern of the leaders. Eventually they caused both boats to veer off into the anchor line of the finish boat. They tangled up and came to a halt.

The swearing and oar slapping began only 1 metre from the finish line. Meanwhile the third LRC crew came casually down the course to take first place.

Still today the two crews don’t talk!

– President Duff

Couch Choir


Couch Choir celebrates our front line heroes

This story is more than a sanity break – it’s truly uplifting. Pub Choir is a musical act founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2017 by Astrid Jorgensen and Megan Bartholomew. At each Pub Choir event Jorgensen arranges a popular song and teaches it to the audience in three-part harmony, concluding with a performance which is filmed and shared on social media.

Now they’ve started Couch Choir inviting people to “Stop misery scrolling for a moment and sing with us! We can still be together, even though we are apart.” Their latest video had over 6000 submissions from 45 countries in 3 days to sing David Bowie’s “Heroes”. Dedicated to all the front line heroes who are keeping us safe.

Anyone can join Couch Choir or Pub Choir – head over here to be a part of it.




Feel good about not being on the water edition #3

Update on Eric The Watch-Croc – doing a terrific job out there on Iron Cove. Here he is cruising down river, quietly breaking up an illegal boat race and scaring off the competitors.

Top job Eric! Do send a shout-out to Eric for a his fine work this week – he’d like that.


Di and Kathy Manly Beach


The Bold and the Beautiful

Kathy Usic and Dianne Williams practicing social distancing after a glorious morning swim from Manly to Shelly beach. In the “Before Time” they were swimming most weekends with The Bold and the Beautiful an informal group who meet at 7am, 7 days a week .


Hells Bells

Here are the Hells Bells rowers at their weekly zoom catch up. It has been a good way to keep connected, keep motivated for rowing and exercise and there has even been a move to inflatable kayaks with many buying them as another way to keep fit.

– JulieAnne Anderson


Move it Mob Style!

A favourite in our house, Move it Mob Style is a 20 episode x 30 minute dance-based fitness program. Showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip hop and popular music, Move it Mob Style is all about good beats and using dance to stay healthy. It’s Deadly – just ask my kids!


Drawing lessons with Rob Biddulph

Illustrator Rob Biddulph gives free drawing lessons to inspire kids stuck at home. He’s offering a series of draw-along videos for kids. Head over to his website to join the lessons and Twitter to see the artwork. Note – people over the age of 10 also allowed to draw – it’s the best!





Lunch time doodles

Children’s book writer and illustrator Mo Willems is best known in our house as the writer of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! He is currently an artist in residence at the Kennedy Center. Every day, he records a 20 to 30-minute clip that features a fun kid’s project, whether that’s playing a game or making birthday crowns. You can visit Mo here.




NASA Live Stream

What better time to get some perspective on our planet? Jump on board the International Space Station and be soothed by the amazing views over our beautiful home. The station is crewed by #NASA astronauts as well as Russian Cosmonauts and a mixture of Japanese, Canadian and European astronauts as well.





fantasy rowing compeition


Fantasy Rowing Comp!

Are you missing the 2020 rowing season? Are you longing for the tension of a bowball-to-bowball, photo-finish race? With the live 2020 World Rowing Cup series cancelled, World Rowing brings to you the next best alternative: Fantasy Rowing. Second round on now!





And finally… Don’t you worry ’bout a thing

From the mouths of babes – this four year old kid sings all you need to know