Calling for entrants to Iron Cove Classic and Head of the Parramatta NOW

Entries are now invited for the Iron Cove Classic (2 Nov) and Head of the Parramatta (9 Nov).
The club closing date for entries is Wednesday 23rd October.
The ICC is a LRC-hosted regatta so show your support by entering.
Please ask your coach or co-ordinator to make an application to the regatta selection committee.
All crew members must be financial with both LRC and Rowing NSW.

Wanted: “Gas Man”

We need a person to take over filling the fuel tanks for the tinnies. 4 x 20ltr tanks that fit into the average boot on their sides. Once to twice per week. Easy to do. If you currently don’t have a role in the club but would like to help then this could be the job. Email to discuss employment package.

Damage Report

Call to ALL members to send Captain Steve Duff ( an email listing EVERYTHING that is damaged or faulty with the boats and equipment.

We have roughly 100 boats in the Leichhardt side of the shed. Your help will make it much easier to identify items. Examples are puncture holes, scrapes, missing parts, faulty steering, dodgy shoes, missing bolts, wiring issues, damaged oars, rigging issues, worn parts etc.

All the information will be filtered by our Property Master, Matt Duly. He will prioritise items and reply if it is something that we are able to fix ourselves.

John Foley will be down next Monday to start work on the major jobs first. He will be down for a few days. Matt will also create a list for our next Maintenance Day which is on this coming Sunday 27th between 7am and 11am (2 hours per person). A bit of prior notice from you all will help ensure we have all the parts required. All members are expected to come down on that Sunday to work on the boats they use.

Functions at club – October

A function is being held at the club tomorrow night Sat 19 and also Friday 25th.
The hall willl need to be cleared of equipment both days. If you are at the club on these days, please lend a hand to move equipment.

Sunday 27 October: Club Maintenance Day 7-11am

All members to give 2 hours to work on the boats.

Sunday 10 November: NSW Union of Oarswomen AGM and Christmas Lunch at LRC

Where: LRC
When: 10 am for a row (thank you LRC)
AGM: Business at 11:30 am
Luncheon: From 1 pm
Cost: 2 courses for $50
RSVP by 1 November: Doreen Borg: 0419 691 742, Katie Kershaw: 0413 511 010, Sue Carew: 0413 433 662,
Wendy Tomlinson: 0410 633 717

Come armed with one or two sentences about “A rowing experience which will stay with me forever.”

Saturday 21 December: Christmas Party 6-11pm

Get a table together with your fellow rowers. Games and Entertainment will be better than last year.
Adults $20, Students $10 pre-booked, or $30 at the door, and includes dinner. Drinks will be available to purchase at the bar.
Call for volunteer helpers – email to
Only 63 sleeps to go!

Thank you for making the Corporate Challenge a success

LRC members,

I just wanted to thank you all for your tolerance and help during the extended LRC Corporate Challenge for 2013. It turned out to be a somewhat drawn out and very windy affair but nevertheless feedback from participants has been excellent and we generated a profit for the club of over $30,000. No doubt Steve will use it to buy more towel racks.

In particular I wanted to call out the outstanding contribution of:

  • All the coaches; Steve Roll, Guy Elron, Peter Gilder, Koren Fang, Virginia Van Ewyk, Jane Hutchison, Erika Addis, Marguerite Pain, Suzie Philpott, Kerry Thorn and Matt Duly. The coaches of course put in the main effort and the fact that crews keep coming back is a testament to their skill and calm natures
  • Then there’s David Ross and Andrew Morrell who drove tinnies for some of the coaches, don’t even get to yell at anyone, but showed up tirelessly to help out
  • Anna Cico and Virginia put in a big effort each week to produce the newsletter for crews and get it out to them, and update the website. This “organ” really binds the crews together and contributes hugely to the success of the event
  • Roger and the Chevrons for organising breakfast for the crews
  • Particular thanks to the LRC crews; the Junior VIII, the Chevrons and Wade’s Wonabees whose participation helped make the SIRC regatta a big success

It takes a lot of people to put on a regatta:

  • Guy and Charlie in the starter’s box,
  • Mark Brooks and AnnaC judging the finishes and honking,
  • Sandra Triulzi, Jan McLelland and Doreen Borg who organised food to keep the officials at their posts,
  • Matt Duly and Steve Roll who were the pit crew and kept fixing the boats as fast as they were smashed up,
  • Onno Van Ewyk, Callum Haig, Dave Lieberman, Colin Whybourne, Anne Parbury who were the BROs
  • and what regatta would be complete without the golden tonsils of our own Barry Moynahan OAM
  • This year the photography was outstanding and provided gratis by Nicholas Boucher, a law student (who hasn’t learned to charge like a lawyer yet!) and came out on many early mornings and on two separate attempts at the finals
  • Rex Chadwick and John Woollett organised the BBQ for the finals #2 and as usual did a fantastic and good natured job in tremendously difficult barby conditions – never mind rowing!
  • Verno, Dani, Dianne, Belinda, Brian Davis, Rob Tiley and others showed up just to lend a hand where needed – which was hugely valuable
  • President Bartlett for elegant speeches, support of the whole gig and rescuing at least three boats from the oysters in the rising gale.

And lastly (but not leastly!) the tireless and truly astounding efforts of Steve-Stavros-Turkey-Santa-The Mask Duff. Has there ever been a Captain like him? He had a major part in every one of the tasks above but at the same time managed to keep the towels off the ground and tick people off for not putting away riggers properly.

Till next year! 😉


Head of Shoalhaven

Many wins last Saturday at the Head of the Shoalhaven, well done to our golden boys and girls:

  • MM8+: David Ross, Justin Milne, Brian Davis, Andrew Morrell, Robert Tiley, Tim Clare, Timothy Tindale, Charles Bartlett, coxed by Tim Magrath
  • WM8+: Jennifer Zongor, Caroline Vernon, Virginia Van Ewyk, Nitya Varadarajan, Deanna Fekete, Dianne Williams, Katherine Collings, Daniela Borgert, coxed by Chloe Congdon
  • MU19 4x: Connor O’Reilly, Lloyd Conolly, Samuel Chapman, Gerardo Macnee
  • WO 4x: Zoe Thomas, Belinda Brigham, Jane Hutchison, Samantha Reardon
  • WU19 4x: Charlotte Hulme, Amy O’Reilly, Sophie Hopkins, Maine-Maryam Monga
  • Mix4x: Adalita Young, Michael McCrea, Nicholas Fogarty, Rosa Brown

And in the Sprints:

  • WU16 1x: Adalita Young, Xanthe Young
  • MU16 1x: Michael McCrea
  • WU19 4x: Hannah Hawkes, Grace Glynn, Xanthe Young, Sofia Milne
  • MU19 4x: Connor O’Reilly, Gerardo Macnee, Michael McCrea, Lloyd Conolly
  • WC 1x: Rosa Brown
  • M 4x: Jack Buster, Sebastian Tringali, Alexander Farkash, Gerald Lundgren
  • WU17 1x: Sophie Hopkins
  • WU16 4x: Sofia Milne, Mia Castagnone, Xanthe Young, Adalita Young
  • MM 4x: Robert Tiley, Tim Clare, Timothy Tindale, Charles Bartlett
  • WC 2x: Belinda Brigham, Zoe Thomas and Rosa Brown, Sophie Hopkins
  • WU19 1x: Maine-Maryam Monga
  • WU16 2x: Adalita Young, Sofia Milne
  • MU16 2x: Ari Kwasner-Catsi, Jacob O’Connell
  • W 1x: Daniela Borgert
  • M 1x: Nicholas Fogarty
  • MC 4x: Michael McCrea, Connor O’Reilly, Nicholas Fogarty, Samuel Chapman
  • WM 1x: Daniela Borgert

We’ll need a special section in the trailer soon to carry all the medals home!

Facebook Page

If you have not seen it yet, check out the LRC Facebook page.

Diary Dates

It’s getting to the busy time of the year so make sure you note these dates in your diary.

  • Sat 19 & Fri 25: functions at the club – members to clear hall on the day
  • Sat 19: Spring Regatta at SIRC – good luck to all our rowers competing tomorrow
  • Wed 23 October: Last day for entries for Iron Cove Classic and Head of Parramatta
  • Sun 27 October: 7-11am Maintenance day – each person to work 2 hours
  • Sat 2 Nov: Iron Cove Classic – LRC hosting – members will be needed to help throughout the day
  • Sat 9 Nov: Head of the Parramatta
  • Sun 10 Nov: NSW Union of Oarswomen AGM and lunch at LRC
  • Sat 21 December: 6-11pm Christmas Party

Good luck and safe rowing to all

LRC Committee