Head of the Yarra

Lots of people getting excited about this now…
Check the preliminary draw online.

A reminder to pack 10mm spanners in check-in luggage for the flight. Last years a lot of people had to leave them at the airport because they tried to take them in their carry on.
Maybe one person from each crew can collect them and check their bags through as most people will just be doing carry on.

Boat loading

Loading for the Yarra will be on Wednesday 23 November at 5.30am. The trailers will be leaving for Melbourne 4.00am on Thursday morning so if your stuff is not loaded by Wednesday it’s not going to make it. Please remember the following:

  • Keep boats, riggers and the correct oars together on the same trailer – no mixups tape and label all riggers seats out, taped and labeled
  • tighten all nuts so they don’t wriggle free during the drive
  • if you’re not good at knots get someone to help you finish off the tie-down
  • no flappy tails to the straps – over 9″ tails are illegal.
  • The loading maps will be pasted up inside the shed. Please follow them closely.
  • Be very careful of the fins as you load.

The trailers will be in position on the lawns next to all the boat clubs on the Yarra and need to have the boats unloaded by about 9.00am on Friday morning so that the trailers can be moved to Hawthorn to get a good spot for loading at the end of the race on Sunday. So if you’re in Melbourne at 8.00am on Friday, amble down to the river to help throw a few boats off.

Wade’s Funeral

The funeral service for Wade Hewett Life Member will be held on Monday 21st November commencing at 11:15am at Macquarie Park, Delhi Road, North Ryde and a wake will be held afterwards at the Clubhouse from 1pm.


  • 26 November, Head of the Yarra, Melbourne
  • 3 December, Saturday, Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 17 December, Xmas Party- 6pm to 10pm