National masters in Tasmania

LRC colours were waved around on Lake Barrington, with the Club punching above its 4-people weight (Seeliger, Parbury, Milne and Cico), bringing back some bling and placing 33rd overall out of 95 Clubs represented, with 4 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals.

Sure Philpot’s Farewell

from Maddie Borrey

After being a member of LRC for 25 years and volunteering in many areas, Sue Philpot is leaving the club.
We are having farewell drinks with her at the East Village Hotel Balmain on Friday 18 May (tonight!) from 6:30pm.

Thanks Sue and good luck for the next adventure!

Awards Night

This year, the Awards night will be held at the shed from 4pm on Sunday 24th June. See fliers around the Club.

Women’s breakfast

from Anna Cico

Looking forward to the next season, all LRC women are invited for a breakfast meeting on Saturday 2nd June at 9am to discuss a few items:

  • squads and head races
  • membership options for 2018/19
  • the role of Vice-Captain for 2018/19

No need to RSVP. If you cannot make it but have something you want to say, please send me an email and I will read it out at the meeting.

BYO breakfast but if we are very lucky, Nancy will volunteer to help us out! 😉

Recreational Rights

The LRC Committee has discussed the privileges due to both Recreational and Competitive Members and decided to clarify the differences in order to ensure value for all concerned, to simplify the categories, optimise the use of the pontoon and equipment, and provide a clear pathway for those who wish to improve their rowing.

For the 2018/19 season, commencing July 1 2018, the following will be the rule.

In summary, Recreational Members will be invited to participate in the head races before Christmas but not any of the Grade or Masters regattas after the Head of the Yarra.

Up until the end of the HotY, Recreational Rowers can, subject to boat availability, the rules of the club and the Captains’ absolute discretion:

  • row and train in green boats any time during the week and on weekends
  • use the gym
  • compete in the JB Sharp Series
  • compete in head races (Shoalhaven, Nepean, ICCs, Parra, Lane Cove, HotY.)
  • will need to pay seat fees for the races they participate in, as is currently the case
  • may or may not get coaching depending on coach availability – there should be no expectation
  • will have to pay for the HotY seat and trailer fees like everyone else

After the Head of the Yarra they:

  • will be invited to row green boats on the weekend at any time
  • can use the gym
  • may or may not get coaching
  • will NOT race in Grade or Masters races
  • will NOT train in any boat during weekday mornings until after 7.00am

If, after the HotY, a Recreational Rower wants to upgrade to Competitive, they may do so (with the Captain’s agreement) by paying the difference between a full year of Recreational and Competitive fees.

There will be no discount of competitive fees at any time during the rest of the year – ie a decision to upgrade in March will not be pro-rated. An upgrade to Competitive does not confer an automatic right to black boats.

All Competitive members are subject to the Captains’ endorsement for squads and boats and to the Regatta C’tee for regatta entries – as per existing rules.


We will be putting a new surface on the floating part of the pontoon commencing June 4th. The contractor will try to do the job in two halves so that we stay open during the process. It might take a few weeks and there will be extra danger and obstacles.

Please use extra caution and common sense during this period and at the end of it we will have a lovely new pontoon to row from.

JB Sharp Series

A wonderful way to learn how to race! The first race of the series is on Sunday 3rd June, at Glebe (bit tricky to get there… so plan ahead). This is a short course of less than 500m.

Note that a ‘novice rower’ is considered someone who has NEVER faced a starter, in sweep or sculling. As this is based on people’s honesty, please only enter the category which is suitable for you. If you enter as a novice and win a race, you cannot race in any novice boat any longer.

1x entries have to be declared (see Anna C for this), other crew boats can just rock up on the day.

For more info on how the series works, please see AnnaC or Rob Tiley.

Get well Russ Smith!

Our thoughts are with Russ, aka the Speedboat Guru, who has suffered a stroke. He is stable and hopefully out of hospital soon.
Luckily his rowing lobe is intact, and we hope to see him back at the Club soon!

Lightweight 1x “Victory” back at the Club

The late Margot Simmington very kindly left her 1x to a promising lightweight rower, passing it to Lauren Lyon.

Lauren has had great success in the “Victory” and now in the pathway squad is returning the boat to LRC for the use of the next promising talent.

Thanks to Margot’s family and to the Lyons for this great asset.


  • 26-27 May, Saturday and Sunday – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 2 June, Saturday, 9am, LRC – Women’s breakfast
  • 3 June, Sunday – #1 JB Sharp, Glebe
  • 16 June, Saturday – Novice Masters Women’s Intensive Coaching day at LRC
  • 17 June, Sunday – #2 JB Sharp, UTS
  • 1 July, Sunday – #3 JB Sharp, Drummoyne
  • 15 July, Sunday – #4 JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 22 July, Sunday – LUOR Lunch
  • 29 July, Sunday – #5 JB Sharp, LRC – presentations