lauren mar16

Nationals update

The National Championships are underway and on Thursday, Lauren Lyon, who is only 16, placed 5th in the A Final of the Under 21 Women’s Lightweight Scull. There were 26 competitors in this event from all around Australia and Lauren was the only finalist from NSW.

Lauren joined us as a Learn to Row member just over 2 ½ years ago. What an amazing effort. Congratulations to Lauren, her family, and the coaches who have helped her on her way, including current coach – Andrew Morrell.

Lauren also came 7th in the A final of the U192x early this morning, she will be competing in the U19 4x final tomorrow morning and in the semi-finals of the SG1x tomorrow around mid-day. Good luck Lauren! All of LRC is behind you.

There are still a number of other event results to come from our members between now and Sunday night. Full report next week.

Trickett Regatta

We have decided to get coaches and crew coordinators to do their draft entries into a shared spreadsheet before we put entries go in.
Some coordinators will be invited to put the entries in. This way it will be easier for the Captains and Coaches to review entries to get the best results for the club. If you want to enter a race, talk to your main crew coordinator, or send your entry to Anna Cico (

Remember that this is a Grade Championship Event. Many events will have heats and some semi-finals as well, so it’s not recommended to have more than 3x1k or 2x2k events per day.

We will be monitoring the Club Policy of maximum events per day including heats etc. We will also be entering crews with a spread in as many events as possible with a chance of points. As it’s an away regatta, we are also limited by the number of boats we can carry.

Trickett regatta is pretty competitive as for many schools this is the last regatta of the season, so preference will be given to crews which have a chance to medal.

Iron Cover Masters

Leichhardt will host this Masters regatta in the bay on Saturday 16 April. Given the excellent outcome of the Grade regatta we hosted, we want to do it all over again, just like that. If for some reasons you cannot help, please email Anna Cico asap.

Learn To Row

LTR heads into the third weekend and third session on the water this weekend. Make them feel welcome as we want as many as possible to join the club afterwards.

Fog Alert

Remember, with the humid mornings now the rule is – If you can’t see the bridge then don’t go out. Full stop!


After the Trickett regatta the current coaching and squad training will be taking a 1 month break. This will allow everyone to enjoy the school holidays. For those interested there will be a winter program run by Simon Hoadley. Expression of interest are already open. The program will be concentrating on technique and mostly on weekends.
Students from outside schools will also be invited to join in and become part of the club.
They will be competing in the JB sharp series.

Dates to remember

2 – 3 April – Trickett Grade Championship, SIRC
16 April – LRC Masters Regatta, Iron Cove
30 April – Drummoyne Masters Regatta, Iron Cove