odus trophies

Odus intent on scrutinising the trophies

Awards Night photos and full list of prize winners on facebook.

Membership fees are now due

Pay them online now.
Remember that to be able to race, you will need to pay your Rowing NSW fees as well.
If you are a new Rowing NSW member, you need to fill out this form and send it to the Captain.

LUOR lunch – this Sunday 20 July

Join us for lunch, an interesting talk and buy a ticket in the $400 raffle prize at the Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers (LUOR) event on Sunday lunchtime 20 July. Lunch $25 and free for children.
More info from:

  • Barry Moynahan T 96894290 Email: philm1@bigpond.com or
  • Tony Potter T:95923258, Email: pottert@optusnet.com.au

$20 raffle tickets can be obtained from Steve Jaques or Dave Bodell at the club or by phone

  • Steve Jaques T: 9568 316 Email: s.jaques61@gmail.com
  • Dave Bodell T: 9558 0041 Email: djbodell@optusnet.com.au

Captain’s Log

Pontoon is FIXED

Watch out for splinters.

Damage to Boats

Please report all damage to the boats ASAP, don’t sneak back in, look to the left and right and dash out the door if nobody is looking.

The Hauenstein has obviously been run into the pontoon or dropped off a sling. The bow is split and twisted. Someone must have been involved.

We all want good boats to row so it is up to us to look after them.

Accidents happen as must the repairs.

Recreational Rowing Support Roster

Belinda is preparing a new roster. It will be posted on the notice board and on the website.

Please do your bit to help others.

If unavailable that one session per year then swap with someone, don’t just do a “no show.”

Trivia Night

Has now been moved to August 30, after the AGM. This is mainly due to clashes with other sporting events.
Information on night coming out shortly.
Trivia Sub-Committee meeting on soon. I will contact those who have already replied.

More welcome.

Motor Goes For A Swim

If your outboard motor gets totally submerged in the ocean remove it immediately, hose down with fresh water and attempt to run on a trolley for a while.

If it is really bad, remove the spark plugs to drain any water out of the cylinders. Then try to get it started. Don’t hide it in the corner, look left and right and bolt out the door. Report to Matt or myself immediately.

Presentation Night

Held last Saturday night. Great night. Big vote of thanks to Glen Young for the catering and Charles Bartlett for speech on Desire.

PS. Thanks for the emails addresses of your servants. I have noticed an improvement around the Club.

Steve Duff


Ask Odus

Odus has been watching the pontoon works. Lots of staring and hanging around, but we got there at the end.

Many questions this week, but we only have room for three.

Ruggerfan 1: Dear Odus,
Why would the powers that be schedule the club trivia night on the same night as the mighty Wallabies go to war with the All Blacks?
Odus: Dear Ruggerfan, I have been advised by the upper echelons that after the LRC women won the Duff’s Cup, it does not matter if men actually show up at all, so you can relax and watch the Blacks giving Australia a brazilian. [See also question below]

[Btw, after this question was asked, the Capt gave in and the Trivia Night has now been moved to August 30th. See what Odus can do?]

Spy Catcher: Can you confirm or deny the rumour that you are in fact spying on us all? Have you been sent by one of the other clubs that’s nervous about losing the premiership… again?!
Odus: Dear Spy Catcher, you should know it’s not right to make fun of an orphan like me. I know Bond (Capt. James Bond) has the same claim, and you could be forgiven to find some similarities between us, but there was never a more loyal and humble servant on the pontoon (bar for Capt. Duff’s minions).

Sore loser: Odus, I have heard of a ‘brazillion’ which seems to be a mispelling of the more known ‘brazilian.’ Can you explain what it is?
Odus: Dear Sore Loser, a brazillion has been known for some time as a large number, but many now refer to a brazillion as the number 7, others as a “big pile.” I cannot comment on the brasilian as I am just a bird.

Send your existential questions to Odus, to see if he’s got enough guts to answer them.

Diary dates

  • Sunday 20 July – LUOR lunch
  • Sunday 27 July – JB Sharp Balmain
  • Sunday 10 August – JB Sharp Leichhardt
  • Saturday 30 August – Trivia night