This Week @ LRC – 18 January 2019

elbows too high

Elbows too high

Erg Maintenance

The erg are now being serviced regularly and we have received some feedback from the Company that is doing so.

Please note:

There has been a lot of damage to the frames due to bolts falling out, someone at the club is re-fitting them, but not tight enough or the right type in some cases.

A lot of the ones replaced were stripped of the thread, and needed nuts fitted to prevent them coming out.

Some have marked for keep an eye on them, the force that goes through these is huge and they rip the frame apart if the bolts are not secured properly.

Light up in the dark

As it’s getting a bit darker in the morning, please ensure you have lights fitted to your boat before you go out, and that the batteries are powering the light enough to make you visible.

Lights are sold through the shop.

From Tim Byrne

Matt’s Back!

I’ve asked Matt Bourke to help the club get on top of our growing list of boat maintenance tasks. I can think of nobody more qualified to help in this area than Matt given the amount of time and effort he has put into maintaining our fleet over the years.

Matt and I are going to be working over the next couple of weeks to allocate every boat in the shed to a squad or individual, put together a checklist of regular maintenance that needs to be conducted and then setting some deadlines for the work to be completed.

As an extra motivator – we will then start conducting some fleet audits to make sure that the work has been completed and will be engaging with those responsible for boats where the requested work has not been completed to the standard expected.  I had suggested floggings on the pontoon for repeat offenders, but Matt suggested that perhaps we should try education and training first.

Luckily for you all, Matt won that debate.
Taree Recap

Well done to everyone that competed at Taree, the club achieved some wonderful results in what looked like really challenging conditions so well done to all involved.  We also only damaged a handful of boats which makes it a doubly successful regatta!

We are now second on the premiership table as a result, with only Hunter Valley Grammar ahead of us!!


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  • 26 January, Saturday – Small Boats Regatta, SIRC
  • 3 February, Sunday – Balmain RC regatta, Iron Cove
  • 10 February, Sunday – 1st event of Indoor Rowing Series, LRC
  • 2 March, Saturday – SRC Regatta, SIRC