Corporate crew with Annalisa coaching

Update on Corporates

The corporates seem to be going well and the whole club has been marvelous in pitching in, helping and making the new rowers feel welcome. The grand finale is coming up on Sunday 3rd at SIRC.

We need to ALL LRC members come to that and be prepared to help with boat loading, boat building, boat repairing on the run, jumping in as subs, time keeping, BRO-Ing- there are a thousands of jobs to do. Anna and Dean are organizing the Regatta. If you have specific jobs you want to volunteer for please write to
For example tinny drivers, starters, judges.

Please be prepared to load boats on Saturday morning 2nd Sept at 8.00am. And unload on Sunday afternoon. We will be taking almost every eight in the shed.

NSW Rugby League Knockout Event

A NSW Rugby League Knockout is taking place during the October long weekend at close proximity to Leichhardt Rowing Club, from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October.

The event will utilise the following ovals over the 4 days and will use Glover street and surrounding areas:

– Leichhardt Oval
– Glover Street Sports Ground
– Leichhardt Oval 3
– King George’s Oval

Please take note.

From Matt


If it is too windy, like this morning, you must consider safety and not go out. No rowing with white caps or wind over 20 knots.

Boat Refurbishments

Thorn and Premiers 09 have been sent away to be refurbished and fix steering issues. Please arrange your boat bookings accordingly, they will be gone for 2 weeks. Mary Pam Jam is getting the deck resurfaced, and the riggers are being removed, as they are stuck on the hull from salt.

Sweep blades are being refurbished leading up to the head racing season. Three sets of blades will go after training on Sunday. Simmington, Trives and Walsh will leave first. We have more than ample blades at the moment. Timber handles will be put on sweep oars in lieu of the rubber we have. After the Yarra we will refurbish the concepts, leaving them with Sykes. Please do not use the Viii Arrow blades unless you have asked.

Once the corporates regatta is over the month of September every boat is to be maintained. Boat captains are to coordinate with rowing pals about getting the boats done. A reminder email will be sent to the boat captains to follow up.


  • 26 August, Saturday – Sculler Head of the Nepean
  • 27 August, Sunday – AGM at 10am
  • 3 September – SIRC, Corporate Challenge regatta day
  • 9 September – Drummoyne, NSW Indoor Rowing Championships
  • 16 September, Saturday – Head of the Nepean (4.5km)
  • 23 September, Saturday – Head of the Shoalhaven (6.5km) plus Sprints (350m, 1x and 2x only)
  • 29 September to 2 October – NSW Rugby League Knockout
  • 30 September, Saturday – NSW TT #1
  • 7 October, Saturday – Head of the Lane Cove, sweep coxed boats only (6.5km)