Captain’s Log

Remember to help put away each morning

Coaches, please make sure all members new and old understand that they all have to help put things away each morning. Don’t leave slings, buckets and tinnies out for the last person.

refuse to sinkRecent damage

In the past week we have had to replace 3 fins. The damage is occurring when the boats are lowered into the water. This is just carelessness.
[…and be careful of the Pairgaters; they are still around and continue to be a menace! Ed.]

Pontoon access

You may have heard recently that we have been restricting visiting clubs from boating from our pontoon at regattas on Iron Cove. What we have actually done, is for regattas run by other Bay Clubs, asked these clubs to provide Marshalls and to supervise the park alongside our shed.

In the case of the recent Balmain Regatta they provided members to do this and the gate was opened as usual. For the Drummoyne Regatta they did not and so the gate was left closed.

As the Iron Cove Masters Regatta on 10 May is being run by us it will be up to our members to manage the day and so the side gate will be open.

We have no desire to inconvenience visiting Clubs. All we want is for the hosting bay club to take responsibility.

Happy Easter everyone and keep safe over it.

Steve Duff

Diary dates

1/5 – Australian Masters Championship (Adelaide)
10/5 – Iron Cove Masters (Leichhardt)
17/5 – NSW Masters Championship (SIRC)