James Tomkins in Ballarat

James Tomkins (49) races for Mercantile in the MC8+ at the FISA World Rowing Regatta in Ballarat

Hosting the Iron Cove Classic – 1st November 2014

As you will be aware this year we have three Iron Cove Classics. The middle one, on Saturday 1st November is “ours” and therefore we have the “fundraising rights”.

We plan to have a really big cake stall, egg and bacons and coffee all set up on the lawn under a marquee out the front of the club house, so that we can catch the passing walkers as well as rowers.

To make a bigger splash and get people to stop and buy, we’d like to have a busker or busking duo.

So – does anyone have any great buskers in mind? Could be slightly amplified, could be an old style jazz band, could be folk, classical – anything that’s reasonable. If you have an inspired idea please contact Justin.

Captain’s Log

White Line

The white line is now in place on both sides of the pontoon. Oars are only to be placed on the side with the arrow, not in the path of tinnies coming on and off the water.

Well Done on the tinnies

I have noticed almost no tinnies tied up on the lower mooring cleats this week for over 2 minutes. My blood pressure is almost normal; thanks.

FISA Masters World Regatta

Well done to the three “A”s; Angie, Anne and Anna. Some great results. Well done ladies just back from Ballarat. (Picture above: James Tomkins racing in the MC8+)

Iron Cove Classic

The first one is just over one week away. We already have 10 eights entered just from Leichhardt. Not a bad effort.
In order to do this we will need to rig the 3 eights in storage – Boomalakka, Jaques and Barry.

Rigging will have to be done the morning of the regatta and boats de-rigged afterwards and returned to their storage racks. See the boat allocations sheet in the Race Notice Board in a few days.

Race fees for recreational competitors must be paid before their entries can be made. The cost is (usually) $10 per seat. No pay, no entry. To pay your fees go to our website. Thanks to Anna C, the Club slave.

Orientation Day

The Club will now be carrying out Orientation Days every 3 months for new members. They will go for 90 minutes and cover everything from the Club Policies to how to change the wheel on a seat and how to help around the shed. All now members must attend. As this is a new feature we are holding 2 to give new members an option for attendance. They are Sunday 2nd Nov and Sunday 9th Nov – 9.30 to 11am. Please put your choice next to your name on the list on the notice board outside the office. The list has members joining this year. Previous year’s newies are welcome to attend. They will be run by the Club Vice Captains.

Steve Duff

Tools handy for rowing

Ask a rower what tools he/she thinks are the most used for fixing and setting up a boat and you will get some mixed responses however, here is what one of our experienced members sees as the top 5. They are:

  • Number 10 (retractable) spanner
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Heavy duty tape
  • Spray gun
  • Height stick

Do you have the first three in the tool kit you bring to the club?

Volunteer Roster

Every week, two members of the Club are asked to help out with the Social Rowing activities. If your name is rostered and you cannot make it, you must find a substitute. Don’t simply fail to show up as you will let down the social rowers, please.

Sat 18th – David Elliott
Sun 19th – Sian Bates

Sat 25th – Dave Bodell
Sun 26th – Anna Foley


  • Sat 18 Oct – RNSW Spring regatta
  • Sat 25 Oct – Iron Cove Classic 1
  • Sat 25 Oct – NSWIS Time Trial 2 (Nepean River)
  • Sat 1 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 2 (and LRC fundraiser)
  • Sat 1 Nov – Coaches meeting 10.30am
  • Sun 2 Nov – New member information session 9.30-11am
  • Sun 9 Nov – New member information session 9.30-11am
  • Sat 8 Nov – Head of the Parramatta
  • Sat 22 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 3
  • Sat 13th December – Christmas Party