RNSW 2016 (1)

RNSW 2016 (2)

RNSW Award Night

Showing off the new blazer, Captain Duff received the two prizes won by LRC: the Bohemia Trophy and the Women’s Senior and Open Shields. Not a bad season after all.

Membership fees

Please note the membership fees are now due. Rack renewals need to be in (and paid) by 30 June 2016.

You will need to renew your RNSW membership as well.

LRC Awards

We also had our prize giving evening, which was well attended and quite fun!

Pictures and names of the winners on Facebook.

Corporate Challenge

This is an important fund raiser for the Club.

Send this link to your boss, or her boss, or to HR, or to the CEO, or if you know someone in the organisation who used to row but has not been on the water for quite a while, send it to him/ her – and then follow them up and try to talk them into being part of something that everyone who does it rates as a 5 star experience.

If YOU make an effort right now it could make a huge difference to the club.

Also, talk to Marcus Trimble or Justin if you want more information.

JB Sharp

No need to submit entries to race in the JB Sharp, but if you want to compete in the “named” events (N1x and H1x) please send your entries to Anna Cico on the Wednesday before each regatta. Once you have registered, you do not need to register again.


  • 26 June, JB Sharp UTS
  • 10 July, JB Sharp Drummoyne
  • 6 August, Trivia Night