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These week’s newsletter is (mostly) dedicated to all things Head of the Yarra.
Below is everything you need to know to ensure you are ready for the big day.

But… before we do that….

Call for volunteers

We need volunteers to help run the Iron Cove Classic #3 on 22 November 2015, for example:

  • Start marshals and marshals on the course on the day
  • Bow numbers distribution
  • Results officers
  • People to debrief coxswains and BROs

Please nominate yourself or dob in someone else by writing to the VCs: Ben Adams and Anna Cico. We need you and we know where you live.

Head of Yarra – all you need to know


By now your crews should be settled and well into training.
Crews for HoTY need to be submitted to Belinda Brigham by Friday 23 October

Entries must include:

  • The full names of all 8 crew members
  • The seat number of each crew members
  • The full name of the coxswain
  • The full name of the coach (if applicable)
  • Shirt size for each crew member (S, M, L, XL, or XXL) if you care about what size shirt you get – default will be L for women and XL for men

Please also nominate a crew contact – this person will receive any subsequent communication from Belinda about your entry and any other relevant information.

They are responsible for making sure the rest of the crew is informed and organised.
Any changes to your crews after submission must be notified to Belinda by 6 November – after this date you will need to make any changes directly with race organisers.
Race entry is conditional upon approval by the Captain and full payment of race entry and towing fees.


Entry fees and other associated cost can be paid through the LRC online store (Anna can you include a link).
The cost is:

  • $50 per seat ($400 per crew) race entry fee
  • $50 towing fee per person ($400 per crew)
  • $20 for club dinner at Yarra Yarra RC post-race (optional)

Race entry and towing fees must be paid by Friday 30 October

Club dinner

Everyone is encouraged to attend the dinner on Saturday night at Yarra Yarra RC.
It is a great opportunity to celebrate together with (short) speeches, trophies, awards and the more important annual boat races.
It is also our opportunity to show our appreciation and thanks to Yarra Yarra for letting us use their toilets / ergs and other facilities before the race.

Other important information

Please familiarise yourself with the information provided on the Head of the Yarra website in relation to expectations and arrangements on race day, especially if you have not done this race before.

Specific enquiries about the 2015 Head of the Yarra should be sent to the organisers.

HoTY on Facebook

A good way to stay in touch and across what is going on is via the HoTY Facebook page.

This page will be regularly updated and can be used to raise questions, etc.

Race calendar

  • Saturday 17, Spring regatta
  • Saturday 24, NSWTT2
  • Sunday 25, Iron Cove Classic #1
  • Saturday 31, Head of the Parramatta