taree 15

Captain’s Log


What a magnificent Club weekend! 57 rowers competed over 3 days achieving 33 x 1st, 25 x 2nd and 24 x 3rd places. Because this was a double point regatta we got 418 points towards the 2015 Premiership.

[And the women won the Cup – again… Ed.]

Thanks to all the coaches and parents who helped make it a fun and successful time. Some great rowing and new friendships!!

Please send your photos to photos@lrc.com.au if you want them published.
Haig Conolly has also offered to take a few shots of you and your crew. Contact photos@lrc.com.au if interested.

Small boats Regatta

Send your entries now to Kerry, Simon, Belinda or Tim, or via regattasecretary@lrc.com.au

Boat Maintenance

The next major Club Maintenance Day is scheduled for Sunday 1st Feb. This will be a NO ROW DAY for all. I will be locking the roller doors so that everyone participates.

Two hours from all between 7am and 11am. Come with your squad. A list of allocated boats will be up shortly.

Each boat will be totally stripped, every part washed or replaced and re-assembled into good condition.

Recreational Rowers

There is one regatta remaining in the season which LRC Recreational rowers are entitled to compete in. It is the LRC Regatta on the 22nd February. Subject to boat availability we encourage as many “competent” crews as possible to come forward.

It will be up to the Selection Panel to approve each entry so start training now. Let me know if you want to try out.

It is best to select one boat type to work on – eight, four or quad. Recreational members have to pre-pay any race fees due – $10 per seat.

Boat Bookings

I will be away for 10 days after this weekend so can you all please send bookings for the next 2 weeks, not just one. Just put a note in the comment section to make it clear which week the booking applies to.

Learn To Row

The next Learn To Row program is only 6 weeks away. I am looking for a few more coaches, coxes and tinny drivers.

It is a lot of fun, is all over in a month (7 on water sessions) and it is a way of contributing to the financial viability of your club. Let me know if you can help.

Locking Up

Last out MUST turn on the alarm. Recently members have been going there at night to find the alarm not on. If unsure how to do it ask – or hit ARM as you leave! It is not that hard.

Steven Duff

Masters Rowers’ meeting

Female Masters Squad Meeting – Saturday 18th at 9.30am
Male Masters Squad Meeting – Sunday 19th at 9.30am

Sculling with Steve Roll

If you want to improve your sculling, add your name to Steve Roll’s whiteboard at the bottom of the stairs and book a boat. Recreational rowers book a Sunday session and first timers, book times after 9.30am.

Steve Roll in 1958

Steve Roll in 1958

Steve writes:

“I am an instructor if you are a beginner, you will need me for the first twenty minutes, or so, just to show you the basics of sculling and then
probably another couple of hours under direct individual supervision. I DO NOT, at this stage, just allow you to go off on your own, I stay with you until we are both satisfied that you are reasonably safe.
The chances of your falling out of the boat at this stage are quite high.

I am a coach if you are a reasonably competent sculler (twenty to thirty hours later) I shall be there to ensure that you are getting the basics
correct and that you are are not making any serious mistakes. Your chances of falling out of the boat at this stage are still quite high but you should
be competent enough to avoid it and, if you do fall out, you should be able to get back in without too much difficulty.

I am a consultant if you are a recognised sculler i.e. one who is capable of going off without any supervision. If you show any faults I shall ask you to
stop, tell you what you are doing wrong, and we talk about it. Your chances of falling out of the boat at this stage will depend on just how far you
want to get up the ladder, or on some unforeseen difficulty i.e. pylon, bridge, other crew, breakage.”

Remember that there is a possibility that Steve will not make it back in time from Melbourne for this weekend’s sculling sessions.

If you want to read a little about Steve Roll’s background, check this page.

Diary dates

  • Sat 18 Jan – Female Masters Squad Meeting 9.30am
  • Sun 19 Jan – Male Masters Squad Meeting 9.30am
  • Sat 31 Jan – Small Boats Regatta SIRC
  • Sun 1 Feb – Boat Maintenance 7-11am
  • Sun 1 Feb – No rowing
  • Sat 8 Feb – New members (and older) Orientation 8.30am
  • Sun 9 Feb – Balmain regatta