The time has come!

The NSW Government has now allowed us to move forward in small steps. Click here for an overview of the path your Committee has set out for us to follow from Friday 15th May 2020. We want to support the great work our Government and Health Care Workers have performed in keeping Australia one of the safest places on Earth. All protocols detailed support this approach.

If you have any questions just ask a Committee Member – or send an email to anyone of these people:

– Steven Duff LRC President


Steve Jaques story

I was scratching around for photos for Steve Jaques’ story last week, and in desperation I ended up plonking one in of the Hawthorn team who placed third.

Fortunately Steve J produced one from the archives (also on view at the club) and here it is: from the very first Masters comp aka National Veterans Championships Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, on Australia Day 24th January 1981.

Division B Winners – Leichhardt Rowing Club. Bow: Tony Potter, 2: David Bodell, 3: Peter Trives, Stroke: Steve Jaques! (Coxwain?)


Feel good about not being on the water edition #7

Thank you to Brian Ward for this story – proof that truth is often stranger than fiction.

My daughter, Susan, bought me a book for my birthday called “Shark Arm” – it’s about a grisly find. At Coogee beach there was an aquarium. They secured a live shark for display in their aquarium – and it disgorged a man’s arm with a distinct tattoo. This led to a police hunt for the person. It was identified as a fairly notorious person named Jim Smith who had mysteriously disappeared.

Now you are wondering what this has to do with L.R.C. Well some time ago (like 70 odd years) a man named Greg (I think) Smith appeared at the club one day and made himself known to us as not interested in rowing but would like to just be around and watch what was going on. He was the son of the “Shark Arm murder victim” Jim Smith. He became a regular at the club and became a good friend of my brother David and another club member Ken Mantan.

The club had recently adopted Professor Frank Cotton’s training methods and had a large influx of members who had become great oarsmen and were picked for the 1956 Olympics 8. David Anderson, Nim Greenwood etc. L.R.C. was probably the most successful rowing club around at that time winning everything, but the club was financially strapped. The club was hit with huge bill from the Rowing Ass which we were having trouble paying.

Smithie (as he had become known as) said “Not a problem, I will give you a poker machine, no charge, and when you have regattas or dance nights you will make a motser.”

Now poker machines were illegal in N.S.W. at the time even though there were quite a few in various clubs in Sydney. Everything was going gang busters; we were making really good money and looked like being able to pay the huge amount we owed to Rowing Ass. when a disaster happened, someone got a jack pot and bang went the profits.

Later we were hit with another disaster someone broke into the club and busted open the back of the machine and stole what money was in the there. We got rid of the Poker Machine and returned to raising money with Theatre Parties and Dances. Smithie eventually lost interest or something and disappeared

Just thought that I would pass on this bit of history about the club. I imagine only Lionel would remember that time, I must ask him when next I see him

Keep up the good work – Brian Ward

PS: On reflection Lionel Robberds is probably the only one left besides me who would have been around when Smithie was hanging about the club. He would have been 9 or 10 then. Interesting times. Hope you are coping with all these restrictions

Regards to all at the club – Brian


We Are One:

A Global Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival joins 20 film festivals from around the world to launch We Are One: A Global Film Festival, a 10-day digital festival on YouTube beginning on May 29. We Are One brings together global artists, storytellers and curators to provide relief and entertainment to people all over the world for free – go here for more…


The Tap Pack Live at the

Sydney Opera House

This Saturday, 16th May 8pm

Performing live from the Joan Sutherland Theatre direct to your living room, the modern kings of swing return to transport you to a world of timeless entertainment. Get ready for some slick suits, classic tunes and magic moves. So, dust off your dancing shoes and make sure your coffee table is sturdy! Go here for more action…


A One-Table Restaurant in a

Swedish Meadow

This tiny contact-free restaurant, Bord för En (“Table for One”) is open each day between 10 a.m. to 10:45 p.m., but only one person can book per day. That special guest can choose a three-course breakfast, lunch, or dinner, served in a picnic basket sent down a rope with the help of an old bicycle wheel. For more goodness go here


Take a [ virtual ] hike

Discover new places with a virtual tour of walking tracks, lookouts and campgrounds on the coast, deep within rainforests, and even in Outback NSW courtesy of Google Maps’ Street View using Google’s special backpack-mounted trekker. Get 360 degree views of these incredible landscapes before setting out on your own adventure. Start exploring here…


i <3 Shingo Nakamura

If you like a Japanese spin on progressive house then Shingo Nakamura is the fella for you (and me)! I’ve been blissing out to his ethereal deep house which is sometimes even reminiscent of Ryuichi Sakamoto. Good to dance, train or even chill to – check it out here and tune in to a sublime moment from around 1:55:00.


BBC Earth

funniest animal outtakes

From bear cubs trying to climb up trees to penguins pooping everywhere, the natural world has no shortage of hilarious animal behaviour! Here are BBC Earth’s top 5 funniest animal outtakes. Take a sanity break here


Better Be Home Soon

Like most folk the teachers and students from Evans High School in Blacktown have been teaching and learning remotely this term. But their Cultural and Performing Arts (CAPA) teachers have kept the music going by collaborating on this video while working from home. Another example of the brilliance of teachers – in this time and always – you know who you are – this one’s for you.