From Thaddaeus Maximus, Executioner

Hey Leonidas, did you hear about Adonis? 


They caught him on Rodd Island. His crew tried to escape and took a galley without telling anyone. They ran it into rocks, broke an oar then snuck back and returned the boat damaged and unwashed. After giving him 150 lashes he was beheaded. You can smell the remains as you enter the shed!

Be responsible. 

Report damage. 

Fix minor issues if you can or ask for help.

Only take galleys with Caesar’s permission.

Don’t lose your head.  

Extra sentries have been posted so beware.


CHRISTMAS PARTY on Saturday 14 December!!


To make our party a big fun family event, we are asking for volunteers to assist with some of the jobs to spread the load:


Dessert bakers;

Salad makers (on the day);

Veggie roasters (do it at home on the day);

Raffle ticket sellers;

Club decorations;


Bar on the night;

Games – prepare and organise on the night;

Upstairs set up;

Clean up; 

Donations of new items for the Lucky Dip (there will be a collection box outside the office).


Please email Nancy on: nwahlquist@bigpond.com with your kind and generous offers.


Yarra Payments 

From Greg


Thank you to everyone for making your Yarra fee payments before the deadline. Please don’t forget that you can pay for your friends or family’s dinner at the Yarra Yarra club through the LRC  website shop


To confirm, we’ve received payments from the following 11 crews.


  • Leslie Harrison

  • Jen Zonger

  • Matt Simshauser

  • Kerry Thorn

  • David Elliot

  • Andrew Hine

  • Dean Patterson

  • Helen Dunn

  • Ruth Kelly

  • Rex Chadwick

  • Hollie Baillieu



  • 16th November NSWIS TT3

  • 17th November ICC#3

  • 30th November- Head of the Yarra

  • 14th December- Christmas Party