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Captain’s Log

The Floor is for FEET!

In conjunction with Gill Campbell from Pymble we are making a big effort to clean up the Club. The saying “would you do that at home” obviously does not work anymore. I think most of you would just drop things anywhere at home and be quite happy. Well, that’s not going to happen at LRC. It may drive me mad but we are going to clean up our acts.

The only thing allowed on the floor is your feet. Personal belongings must be taken with you after each session. Lost or forgotten property should be dropped by whoever sees it, in the tubs at the top of the stairs. Water bottles should be chucked away in the GREEN TUBES located around the Club (Rubbish Bins). Towels should be hung up after use on the towel racks. Banana skins and wrappers do not belong on the ground. Remember, this is not your home, it’s our Club!

When closing the roller doors make sure the hoses are disconnected. The doors will not close properly preventing the alarm setting and the hose will be damaged.

Boat Damage

Obey the rules of the sea. Stay to the bow side of the waterway as you row. Do not row down the middle.

If the weather is bad then make a mature decision not to row. You will save the equipment and your belief in the possibility that you can row better. As a guide, white caps mean stay inside!

If you do have an accident on the water or on the pontoon please be good enough to let me know. Some of you just sneak the equipment back and hope the next guy will be the blame. Delayed repairs can cause additional damage. It’s better to own up and then we can move on. Example: someone put a large hole in Kerry’s double. It was either from a rigger or sling…. not a word from anyone.

Mystery Deposit

Someone did a direct deposit into the LRC bank account for: “$150 Steven Duff dad”. I’m pretty sure I have not fathered anyone in the shed so we are a bit lost as to who to credit the funds to.

Tinnies and Petrol

Reminder that LRC tinnies and fuel are on the West side of the bay. Pymble’s are on the East side. Our motors have large numbers painted on the top. Pymble’s do not have numbers. All the fuel tanks have a white LRC label. Please return our motors to the grey cupboard or on a trolley to the west side. Close the sliding doors after each session.

Head Of The Yarra

We now have 7 eights entered. This means atleast 63 competitors plus support people. I have to inform the Yarra Yarra rowing club of the final numbers intending to come to the function they are holding for us on the Saturday night. They have to commit numbers to the caterers. As most of you are hopeless at replying I will assume you are all attending unless you email me to the contrary – – Parents and Juniors welcome and also expected.

Christmas Party – Saturday 21st December

Tickets on sale now – see leaflets for your contact.
Donations of prizes for Santa’s Sack and mystery prizes are now being called for. Please help if you can. Drop anything into the office for storage.
6 teams needed to enter into the Games Events.


Good luck at SIRC this weekend.
New Sykes Eight should be in our shed within the week.

New coxes

Chloe has commenced a training program for new coxes – (small grumpy people answering our ad).
She needs crews to help train them. If you are short a cox please contact her to book one in.


Some pictures from the Head of the Parramatta were posted on our Facebook page. Check them out!

Updating your email

Changing your email address? Remember to log onto to update your details.

Diary Dates

Sat 16 Nov – St George Regatta – SIRC
Sat 23 Nov – Roseville regatta- Iron Cove – Pymble
Sun 24 Nov – Nepean Regatta
Sun 24 Nov – ISRA regatta – SIRC (some Pymble squads will be participating in this regatta)
Sat 30 Nov – Head of the Yarra
Sat 30 Nov – Riverview Gold Cup
Sat 21 Dec – Christmas Party, 6-11pm