The Captain’s Heartache

from Justin Milne, President

This weekend our much-loved Captain goes into Macquarie Hospital for Open Heart Surgery – for God’s sake!! He’s actually using this as an excuse to stop rowing for a little while and even may not be at the club every morning at 5.00am to help, advise, cajole, pick up rubbish and occasionally yell at us all. He maintains he’ll be back in a matter of days. Others of us think it might be more like 4 weeks. Matt Bourke is stepping into his very large clogs and will be Acting Captain while Steve is having a holiday (in Intensive Care). The Captain@LRC email has been redirected to Matt and he will take care of boat bookings and all of Steve’s other duties – from relationship counselling and dispute resolution to rowing tips.

I don’t have the slightest doubt that I speak for the entire LRC Community when I wish Steve all the very best on your behalf. Over the last four years he has given a ridiculous amount of totally unpaid time to the club and has turned it into one of the most successful Community Sporting Clubs in Australia, where people pursue their love of rowing at the level that suits them best, and which gives them the greatest happiness. Steve is a legend and the glue that has held us all together for the last four years. We all hope the op’ – which is relatively routine within the universe of open heart surgery – is a tremendous success and all of our thoughts, wishes, good vibes and prayers will be with him.

Learn to Row

Looking for volunteers to coach our next Learn to Row course. It just takes a couple of hours on weekend mornings throughout August. All you need is a tinny license (or a buddy who can drive you) and a smile. Please touch base with Heidi at if you think you can help.

Henley Masters 2016

from Tim Mason

Henley 1

We completed our campaign last Saturday.

As expected, not really competitive, but had a marvellous time.

Managed training rows near Putney where the Oxford/Cambridge race starts, raced on the Henley course, and Steve, Bob and I had a row out of Shiplake College which was in the upper reaches of the Thames and stunningly beautiful.
Not that far from the stretch of water Wind in the Willows was based on.

We were eliminated in each of our rows.

Steve rowed his single final against a younger man, Tim Lincoln, who was on his home water (he rows from Upper Thames).

Steve made a point of meeting him before the race and told us he deemed him “a gentleman and a sculler.”
The highest accolade Steve hands out, as we know.

Tim won comfortably, and was awarded the gold medal.

After they were both on shore, they met up again, and Tim gave Steve the gold medal with the comment “I have a few of these already.”

Interesting fellow. John Taylor found this link .

henley roll
From the photo you can see winds were strong and waves a problem.
In one of the ladies double finals the winning boat flipped just before the finish line because a strong gust hit them.
Character building?

Anyway, thanks to you and the club for all the help and support.
Virginia provided advice and put in the entries, did the registration so we could compete, and through untold emails made it easy for us to know how and what to do while we were here. She has our special thanks.

Fee structure for FY17

Just a reminder about the fees…

Competitive Senior – $1,100 (up $50)
Recreational – $700 (up $25)
Student – $700 (no change)
Life Competing – $250 (no change)
Guest – $100 per month (no change)
Supporter – $50 (no change)
Fee to be involved in Winter program and additional services – $400 (no change)

Fees due within 60 days of 1st June.


  • 24 July, JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 24 July, Head of the Hunter Marathon (45km)
  • 31 July, JB Sharp, LRC
  • 6 August, Trivia Night