Boat Bookings

from the Captain

Just a reminder that boat bookings are done on Thursdays. Additionally, please remember that boat bookings that are not done for the designated times will not take preference. Boats are to be returned to the racks by designated times. On weekends do not take boats over 2 booking periods, other members need to use the boats.

We have had 2 8s out of action this week meaning that all crews need to work with each other to enable all crews to train. In the lead up to the Yarra, two crews do not have allocated LRC boats; these members will be using LRC boats for training so please do not be precious about other crews using your boat as it will be happening.

Head of the Yarra organization

from the Captain

A dinner has been planned with our sister club in Melbourne, Yarra Rowing Club on the Saturday evening, it would be nice for all members to be in attendance. Cost will be included in the fees as done in previous years.

If you are not in a crew, please let me know and I may be able to get you into a crew as we have a few spare members.

Free postage window for clothing

The Regatta Shop, which provides our Club gear, is proposing a window of free postage. Please let Anna Cico know if you are interested.

In stock, they have the following zooties:

  • SMALL: 1 women, 1 men
  • MEDIUM: 2 women, 2 men
  • LARGE: 1 women, 3 men
  • XL: 1 men

Trivia Night

Buy your tickets ASAP! All happening on Saturday 22 October – please participate in droves!


  • 15 October, Saturday, Spring Regatta @ SIRC
  • 16 October, Sunday, Iron Cove Classic #1 – eights only
  • 22 October, Saturday, Trivia Night
  • 29 October, Saturday, Time Trial 2 – by invitation only
  • 30 October, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #2 – eights only
  • 5 November, Saturday, Head of the Parramatta, fours, quads and eights only
  • 13 November, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #3 – eights only