Pravin – coach, illustrator and poet in residence

Captain’s log

Orientation Day this Saturday 8.30-10.30am

All members joining in the past 12 months are required to attend one of our Orientation Days.

Longer term members are welcome to attend as well. The final one for this year is this Saturday from 8.30 to 10.30am.

We cover everything from “who’s who,” to how to make a boat booking, to how to change a wheel on your seat.

Race Entries

I need all proposed race entries for the remainder of the calendar year in to your coaches or the coordinators (Tim T, Belinda, Simon or Kerry) by the end of next week, the 21st November – Reindeer and Sprint.

The Pontoon: Making it easier

During school term Pymble will be down at the shed every week day morning other than Wednesdays.

They come off the water between 6.50am and 7.05am. To minimise congestion please try to come in before or after this time.

It is important that if you are in a small boat you try to boat from the inside of the pontoon, leaving space for eights and quads on the outside. This is another reason that the tinnies must not be tied up on the lower cleat for more than 2 minutes. Think of others.

Oars: Most of you have got the hang of the WHITE LINE on each side of the pontoon. Oars must not be left at any time inside this line. Leave it clear for tinny access both sides.

Boat Maintenance is the crew’s responsibility

Remember to set aside time to maintain your boat, especially if you are using it in a regatta.

The Rex 8 checked out their boat for the HOTY last weekend and found 2 cracked riggers. These have been fixed in time for their big event.

Don’t be the crew that doesn’t finish because something broke! You will have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Club Basics

We must look after our equipment. This means nothing, as in NOTHING, is to be left on the floor. Every oar, rigger and boat is labelled. They all have a labelled storage rack.

Ask me or someone who can read maps if unsure. I still find the odd rigger and oar left lying around – sheer laziness!

Please place anything you pick up either in the bin or on the lost property table at the rear of the gym.

Club Maintenance

This week we have a full tinny and motor service being carried out, the outside front of the shed being cleaned and we have a new BBQ.

What more could you want?

Race Etiquette in Time Trials

(or “How to let the Captain win”)

If a faster boat approaches you from the rear you must give way and not obstruct its passage. Boats “causing a nuisance” will and should be, disqualified. No exceptions!

Steven Duff

Regatta is on this Saturday on Iron Cove – return via back of Rodd Island

This Saturday Iron Cove is host to a school regatta. The rowing area will be restricted from 7.30am to about 1.30pm.

The race course is from the stone wall down to Rodd Point. Racing crews get priority use of the pontoon.

If you are rowing on Saturday, leave the pontoon in the usual way.

However, make sure that you go around the back of Rodd Island and then row straight across when it is safe to do so.

Missing lights

Two members have had their boat lights taken from the pontoon recently. One light was found a week later in a tinny. Both sets of lights had names on them.

Members are reminded not to just help themselves to a set of lights sitting on the pontoon …. they do belong to someone, who also might want to row that morning.

Buy your own via the LRC shop.

NSW Oarswomen AGM and lunch on Sunday 16 November

Members are asked to help clear the room before 11.15am and setup for lunch.

Time: Row at 10am AGM at 11:30am Lunch at 1pm
Venue: Leichhardt Rowing Club
Cost: 2 courses for $55 by the magnificent Gourmet Catering

RSVP: Wendy Tomlinson 0410 633 717
Pay by EFT:
NSW Union of Oarswomen
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 032 197
Account Number: 149998
Identify with your Surname followed by your given name e.g. Smith Mary

Diary Dates (and refer to Rowing NSW for more race dates)

  • Sat 15 Nov – New members orientation – 8.30-10.30
  • Sat 15 Nov – School regatta on Iron Cove 7.30am – 1.30pm
  • Sun 16 Nov – NSW Oarswomen lunch 1pm
  • Sat 22 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 3
  • Sat 29 Nov – Head of the Yarra
  • Sat 13 Dec – Xmas Party