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If any of your crew mention that they are not getting these weekly e-newsletters, get them to contact Anna Cico.

LRC triumphants MC2- race. Right of reply by MC2 crew to last week’s newsletter

Many theories have been advanced for the success of LRC’s MC2- result in the Drummoyne Regatta:

(a) Conspiracy theory #1: payback from Drummoyne BROs for the LRC ‘lockout’ of boats earlier in the day, by careful manipulation of the finish boat’s position, funded by Milne/Ross;

(b) Conspiracy theory #2: malicious desire by Elron/Tiley to preserve their supremacy by intentionally ramming Duff/Tindale in the last 3 strokes of the race, to write off 2 boats and 2 committee positions;

(c) Conspiracy theory #3: failure by both crews (and crew members) to correct for wind that blew Tindale/Duff right off the course and Tiley/Elron into Lane 1 (ie each blown 2 lanes off position) until 2 strokes before the line.

In the spirit of club solidarity we agree with the Club Captain’s summary that ‘the guilt lies heavily on those responsible’, and on the day, the right crew won.

[Note from the Editor. There have been reports that not only the Captain is still not sleeping well, but he’s working on a bigger plan to turn the race into a movie titled “Gone with the Wind – The Rematch”]

Captain’s Log

Club Motto number 2

If it is broken fix it or if too complex, report it! DON’T IGNORE IT!!!!! Fix it or Report it!

Accident Report

UTS took out one of our Quads this week coming down the wrong side. Keep an eye out, especially at the moment as it is very dark. Make sure your batteries are in good nick. no lights – definitely NO ROW.
Tim Clare dragged the jockey wheel of the trailer over his foot last Saturday night in bare feet, ouch!!!!. (I could do a great cartoon on this one). Even ex Presidents aren’t immune from having accidents.

Learn To Row starts this weekend

We have 3 junior quads and 3 senior eights commencing training this weekend. A roster of their times, coaches, helpers and rower names in is the notice board. Please assist if you can see them struggling.

The combined gross revenue for this session is $11,520.

This money is vital to the ongoing operation of the Club.

Baton change – Regatta Secretary

Sarah Norris has had too much on her plate with a young family and has had to step down as our Regatta Secretary.

She has done an outstanding job this season. Kristin Moss has agreed to take over until the next Committee elections.

Uni Crews

We currently have 3 Sydney Uni Colleges training out of LRC – St Pauls, Sancta Sophia and Women’s Colleges. They are all joining the Club for the duration of their training program. Photos of the crews will be posted this week. Please make them feel welcome. Each individual is being encouraged to join LRC for the long term as well.

Race Entries

Entries for Trickett and Drummoyne Masters are due shortly. Get them in fast.

Winter Training Program

Application to join Simon’s Winter Training Program is now open via our website. We will be catering for LRC current members (although the normal program will still be running after a short break), Pymble students and non members.

The program goes from 1st April to 31st August 2014.

There is a charge as extra coaches will be brought in to run each session. If you are interested apply on line and Simon will get back to you. It is mainly aimed at students wishing to get into good crews at their school next season.

LRC Shop

If you need to purchase lights the best way is to do it through our online shop. Once paid an instruction sheet is left at the office with the purchasers name on it ready for us to distribute. The lights come with batteries.

Club Motto Number 1

You all know it now so no need to write it this week…………

Steve Duff

Recreational Support Roster

All active rowers are asked to check the roster on the Boat Allocation notice board. Each active member is asked to donate one day per year to go out with our recreational members to assist where needed.

Make an effort. Your name is on the list somewhere.

If you are unavailable the day listed then swap with someone, don’t just do a “No Show”.


15/03 Simon Dunlop
16/03 Vacant
22/03 Roger Graham
23/03 Rick Turner

Diary Dates

Sat 15/3: Learn to row orientation
Sun 16/3-Sun 5/4: Learn to row
24/3-30/3: Sydney International Rowing Regatta, SIRC
Sun 30/3: Maintenance day
Sun 6/4: Drummoyne Masters, Iron Cove
Sat-Sun 12/4: NSW Edward Trickett Grade Championship, SIRC