rowing valentine

Captain’s Log

Good Luck to our members competing at the NSW State Championships at SIRC this weekend.

In alphabetical order:

Kristian Bodell, Isaac Eveleigh, Ray Fang, Nick Fogarty, Imogen Gainsford, Angus Gall, Brigitte Hadley, Sophie Hopkins, Austen Hunt, Dimitri Kastanias, Alexandra Lowe, Lauren Lyon, Joshua Maloof, Michael McCrea, Maine-Maryam Monga, Shawn Noronha, Gemma Vinney, Bette Wong, Adalita Young & Xanthe Young

Boat Damage

We have recently had several boats badly damaged due to carelessness. In future all members should be aware that negligent use causing damage may be at the rower’s expense. The rower will be asked to pay the insurance excess if the Committee feels the rower was at fault and showed lack of care towards the property. See rowing safely below.

Maintenance Procedure

At the door next to the white board is a container with white cards inside. Should any damage occur that the rowers are unable to repair themselves a card should be completed and returned to the front of the box. Details required are boat name, date and time of damage, detailed damage description, reason & rowers involved. Steve Roll and Matt Duly will remove the cards as the work has been addressed. Cards will be kept for analysis and spare part purchasing.
We will use the White Board to leave instructions to external contractors for work to be done, such as John Foley and Allan Phillips.

Recreational rowing this weekend

Recreational rowing is on as per normal this Saturday and Sunday. Be there at 6.30am to jump into a boat.
Simon Dunlop (Saturday) and Virginia van Ewyk (Sunday) will be helping out.

Rowing safely: Departing from the Pontoon

Small boats on the inside – large boats on the outside
Tinnies – DO NOT TIE THEM UP to the cleat preventing boats loading.
THINK about others!

Rowing safely: Crossing The Waterway

Cross directly, do not stop in the middle, move swiftly, look before you turn.
Go around the the yellow marker buoys off UTS. Don’t row down the middle.
Saw eights crossing slowly today getting bombarded by racing sculls.

Rowing safely: Rules of the Sea

The boat behind has right of way.
Don’t quietly let them row into you from behind.
Move out of the way or at least call out.

Being mindful: Tinny Motors

When removing a motor make sure the battery cord has been disconnected. Don’t just pull until it comes off.
This was recently done by some of our experienced rowers to Number 5.

Back Stays

Loosen the top nut on the back-stays before wrenching it open or closed. The rigger will last much longer. Remember to tighten the top nut again or it may come loose at the wrong moment.
DON’T MUSCLE IT – otherwise it may break during your race

Being mindful: Petrol

Fill the tanks up before use. Keep them full. Don’t let everything run down.
In this way Richard Medway can keep our fleet of tinnies going with fuel. He fills the black tanks.
He can’t top up the red and black tanks at the same time.

Learn To Row

In late March early April we will have our next learn to row. This is one of our major fund raising events. Funds go towards new equipment. We look like getting 3 eights of adults and 3 quads of juniors in the program. That means I need 6 volunteer coaches for the 6 sessions. Please come forward or email me if you think you can help. All the details are on our web site.

gingerbread(Please) get baking …

Dust off those recipes and cook for our cake stall at the LRC regatta on Sunday 23 February. All funds go towards buying equipment for the club.

Help put away gear on Sunday

If you are at the club on Sunday about 9am, please lend a hand to clear the floor ahead of a function that day.

New Boats Christening

Will be at 3pm after the Leichhardt Regatta on Sunday 23rd February. All members welcome. New quad, double and scull.

Diary dates

Fri 14-16 Feb – NSW Rowing Championship – SIRC
Sun 16 Feb – 9am- lend a hand to put equipment away
Sun 23 Feb – LRC regatta – Iron Cove
Sun 23 Feb – Cake stall – baked items required
Sun 23 Feb – about 3pm – christening of new boats
Sat 15 Mar – LRC Learn to row orientation
Sun 16 Mar – LTR course begins