ICC #1, this Sunday

As this is a rather popular regatta with 26 eights taking to the Iron Cove waters with a start of 8am, please be mindful of the pontoon priorities. Crews will be asked to launch in the order of their bow number.

Good luck to all the LRC crews!

New Club Shirts

Rhiannon will be at the club on Sunday after the ICC with shirts to try on so you can decide the size you want.
The shirts are now available to be ordered and paid for through the shop.

People who have previously expressed an interest will have to go on again and place their order. If you have forgotten your size, Rhiannon may have made a note of it.

Cost is $22.00 each.

The shirts will be ordered in one batch in early November so please place your orders by then.

Door code

There is a new door code (don’t worry – the old one still works for a few more days).
The new code will be emailed soon to all financial members. Please keep this private and do not share it around.


Please send your entries directly to AnnaC (annacico@gmail.com) and do not rely simply on the spreadsheet (if you have access to it). If you make changes to your entries in the spreadsheet, they will NOT be picked up, so email Cico directly by Friday *before* the week of the race.

If your crew is not fully registered with RNSW or financial with LRC before you ask for the entry to be put in, you will be forced to scrape bird poop off the pontoon for the next 5 years. With a toothbrush.

Iron Cove Classic #3 – hosted by LRC

The last ICC of the series will be hosted by LRC on 12 November 2017.
As usual, this is a call for volunteers:

  • tinny drivers
  • laying out the course
  • medal preparation
  • catering
  • pontoon bitching (Sue, you have got this already!) 😉

Please email AnnaC with your availability. The Committee will distribute tasks if we are short of volunteers.

Life Member’s Corner – Billy Monaghan

Billy Monaghan is one of a number of Life Members who are very active (and valuable) around the club. He became a Life Member 15 years ago but commenced rowing with LRC in 1950, and for the arithmetically challenged that’s 67 years!!

The story goes that Billy attended and exhibition at Sydney Town Hall which featured the original Professor Cotton’s Rowing Machine. (There’s a picture on the wall in the stairs of this first erg.) Accompanied by brother Tom, a State representative, Billy got the bug, joined LRC, competed successfully in lightweight and championship events until marriage and nine children caused his temporary retirement for almost 30 years. But during this time he was a regular attendee at LUOR functions and kept his connection with the club.

As family obligations decreased Masters Rowing became very popular during the early 90’s, and Billy needed little encouragement to join forces with like-minded veterans in composite rowing at Club, State, and World Masters Games level. These forays developed a healthy appetite for gold medals and podium presentations. He continues to be in great demand by the Drummoyne Ancient Mariners which curse the rest of the Masters Men with their J category and colossal handicaps. But the most annoying thing is that the Ancients, like Bill, are all bloody good rowers so they are often on the podium and consistently beating “younger” crews off the stick.

Billy has made an invaluable contribution to many different LRC Committees and has served terms on the Board of RNSW. In May 2006, Rowing NSW awarded Bill the Rusty Robinson MBE Award for service to the rowing community in general.

Billy is a “doer” and an organiser and many of us have benefitted from his wisdom when it comes both to rowing and the care of our fleet.

Finally – take a look at the guy and pray that when you’re in your eighties you look as fit and fabulous as he does. If you don’t know Billy say hi to him on the pontoon and ask him anything about rowing. He’s a fantastic asset for the club and its members, and truly one of nature’s gentlemen.


  • 14 October, Saturday – Spring regatta, SIRC
  • 15 October, Sunday – ICC #1 (eights only)
  • 21 October, Saturday – North Shore Head, small boats only (1x, 2- and 2x)
  • 29 October, Sunday – ICC #2 (eights only)
  • 4 November, Saturday – Head of the Parramatta
  • 4-12 November – Australian Indoor Rowing Championships
  • 12 November, Sunday –  ICC #3 (eights only) – Final regatta of the series, hosted by LRC