The Pontoon Owl: Explained

The sharpest among you will have noticed the presence of the owl on the pontoon (code name: Odus). It’s an old rowing tradition to have an owl for good luck, being a nocturnal animal and rowers having some night habits too.

Feel free to give it a pat on the head before you go out, but still remember to look around so you don’t crash into anything; don’t rely on Odus alone.

Captain’s Log

Winter Program and Youth Rowing

I have much pleasure in announcing the addition of Chloe Congdon to our coaching team. She will commence assisting Simon Hoadley run the Winter Program with an emphasis on young rowers enjoying their rowing and developing a Men’s and Women’s B Grade squad along with U23 and U21 year old crews in the new year.

I am sure her rowing knowledge and coaching experience will pay huge dividends to our Club as we move into the new season. Please make her feel welcome.

Glebe JB Sharp Regatta

Several large boats and a few sculls are entering this event on Sunday. The crews are all rowing around to Black Wattle Bay together. Allow plenty of time.

I will be escorting in a tinny so can take any bags, phones etc around. Aim to leave at 8am.

Locking Up

Remember, last one out must check all doors up and down are locked before leaving. (Check that the hoses are not trapped under the doors)

Private Boat Racks

30th June is fast approaching. Get your application in today if you want to apply for a rack.
NOTE: This does not include cradles.

The Trophy

It’s in the Trophy Cabinet (the Pool Room) looking good!

Time Trial Tuesday

Remember that Tuesday is Time Trial day. If interested bring your crew to UTS before 6am ready to go, let Simon know beforehand.

Everything has a place

Recently a few of you have decided to return oars to the closest empty rack and not their clearly labelled spot.
This may be from some of our newest Winter Program rowers so please help them to find the correct location.

Boat Rally

Put your name on the sheet outside the office if interested in being part of our annual event.

Steve Duff

Time is running out to order your premiership T-shirt

You need to have placed your order for the commemorative T-shirt by 5.00pm Wednesday 18th June.

Remember LUOR Lunch Sunday 20 July 2014

Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers 68th Annual Reunion and Luncheon – from 11.00am – Club Luncheon and guest speaker presentation on Ned Trickett – Australia’s first World Champion in any sport.
Contact Steve Jacques for further details and to book a place.


  • JB Sharp regatta series commences: 15 June
  • Boat rally: Sunday 6 July
  • LRC Award night: 12 July
  • LUOR Lunch: 11am 20 July
  • JB Sharp regatta ends at LRC: Sunday 10 August
  • Trivia Night: Saturday 17 August
  • AGM: Sunday morning 31 August
  • Corporate & LTR regatta: SIRC 7 September
  • Fundraiser: 15 November
  • Christmas party: 13 December