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Reminder for Coaches

Following an incident which was investigated by the Transport Road and Maritime Services, all coaches and rowers are reminded that:

Club rowing activities should be planned with due consideration of prevailing weather forecasts and conditions. When rowing sculls are crewed by your persons who may not be able to make proper weather assessments, coaches or other appropriate Club officers are to make these decisions.

Remember safety on the water is paramount.

Captain’s Log

Boat Bookings

Please use the online form to submit your boat booking requests for the following week, Monday to Sunday. Cut off time is 6pm Friday. Please stop sending them in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. I do actually do other things and they get lost in the traffic.

Use ONE form for all of your bookings. You can tick multiple boxes and select days for each.

Pontoon Use

We are in the peak of the rowing training season right now. The pontoon is pretty full between 5am and 5.40am. Pymble comes down at about 5.15 am and are away by 5.30am. To reduce congestion try to go out before 5.15am or after 5.40am.
Don’t linger during the busy times. If your crew hasn’t fully turned up then wait until they are all present.

Washing Boats

Washing boats inside and out also means drying them inside and out. I have noticed many of you are not drying them at all, or only on the outside. You must look after the equipment otherwise it will not last.

Dry means it should not drip at all on the boat below once put back on the rack.

Buoys are there to keep us all safe

When rowing down to UTS you MUST row around the 2 yellow marker buoys.
Yes, I’m talking to YOU! You are all guilty – coaches and rowers alike.

When you get an oar in the back you will remember this memo – ask Bette who got a Drummoyne blade in the back a few weeks ago and has been off injured for the last 2 weeks.

All members are reminded not to row in the middle of the bay. You will run into someone if you don’t. Keep yourself safe and everyone else on the water with you.

Coaches: avoid excessive wash. Remember the Bay ia a 8 knots zone. Too often tinnies are seen zooming at speed and cutting off crews.


Change your batteries. If your lights seem dull to you, then guess what? You’re invisible to everyone else.
People need to be able see your lights from 1km away.

Private Sculling Bay

To all private scullers: Please put your boats on the racks so that the bow is in the middle of the bay and the fins are at each end. In this way the fins will not scratch the boat above.
Push racks in after taking out your boat and return sculls to their original place if you had to move them in the transition racks.

Recreational Rowers who race

If you are racing as a recreational rower you must pre-pay the full racing fee before your entry will be processed.

No pre-payment means no entry. $10 per seat on Iron Cove.

Racing Fines

If you pull out of a race and do not formally scratch within 1 hour of the event, then the club receives a fine. This is your bill to pay, not ours.

Unpaid fines means no future entries. Pay your fines online.

Steven Duff

Volunteering at the Sydney International Rowing Regatta in March 2015

Rowing Australia is seeking volunteers for the Sydney International Rowing Regatta between 22 – 29 March. Those who are interested can sign up to volunteer.

If you have any questions about volunteering please email Rob Winkworth Administrative officer Rowing Australia or give him a call on 02 6214 7526.

Recreational support

Competitive members are rostered on to provide support and guidance to recreational crews on a Saturday and Sunday. If it’s your turn, make sure that you turn up or that you have swapped your slot with someone.

Cooking for the LRC regatta

Cakes, biscuits, muffins, slices are all wanted for the cake stall on Sunday 22 Feb.

Help by making something or by buying from it.

We are raising money for the Club.

Sculling with Steve Roll

Steve will be away this weekend. So his normal sculling sessions are cancelled. Happy birthday Steve.

Good Luck!

To our young rowers competing in the NSW State championships this weekend . They are:
Adalita Young, Genevieve Kour, Michael McCrea, Lloyd Connolly, Lachlan Andrew, Ray Fang, Xanthe Young, Lauren Lyon, Lauren Rizzuto, Imogen Gainsford, Alexandra Lowe, Jennifer Gainsford, Ben Adams, Mia Castagnone, Olivia Kapocius, Gemma Viney and Angus Gall.
Go Leichhardt!

FISA World Masters Regatta, 2015

Rowing Adventures is putting on a pre-regatta trip to Hazewinkel (Belgium) for the FISA Masters later this year, departing 30th August 2015.

If interested, contact Scott McCartney on 49227229 or

Diary dates

  • Fri 13-15 Feb: NSW State Championships SIRC
  • Sat 21 Feb: Riverview Gold Cup regatta Lane Cove River
  • Sun 22 Feb: LRC regatta Iron Cove
  • Sat 28 Feb: Sydney Rowing Club regatta SIRC