Corporate challenge – a winner in every way

Phew! The Corporate Challenge is over for another year and whilst it seemed to rain for almost every training session, at least we didn’t get blown out of SIRC this year and have to do it twice. The participants have been universally complimentary about the Club and many are looking to join as recreational rowers. We will probably finish up raising over $50K from it, which of course goes straight back into the Club for things like maintenance and new boats.

Everyone deserves to be thanked for remaining pleasant throughout the whole thing and in particular the following for their tremendous contributions.

  • All the Chevrons
  • Andrew Millikan
  • Anna Cico
  • Anne Parbury
  • Barry Moynahan
  • Belinda Brigham
  • Charlie Bartlett
  • Colin Whybourne
  • David Bodell
  • David Rosenfeld
  • Dean Patterson / Rob Tiley
  • Deanna Fekete
  • Denis Tracey
  • Dianne Williams
  • Doreen Borg
  • Erika Addis
  • Gerald Lundgren
  • Glee Club
  • Heather Hunt
  • Jan McClelland
  • Jane Hutchison
  • Jim Alexander
  • Josh Ruthnaswamy
  • Kristin Moss
  • Marguerite Pain
  • Matt Duly / Bob Kelsall
  • Nancy Wahlquist
  • Onno van Ewyk
  • Peter Gilder
  • Pravin Shivanth
  • Sandy Rourke
  • Sandra Triulzi and all the breakfast crew
  • Simon Hoadley
  • Steve Roll
  • Sue Andrews
  • Tim Clare
  • Tim Tindale
  • Virginia van Ewyk
  • anyone I have forgotten but helped even just a little bit. It all counts.

Special mention: Steven Duff – for an amazing all round effort and keeping everyone smiling whilst coaching, organising and getting tinnies on and off the water.

And thanks also to those who “swarmed” around the broken trailer in the half light of Sunday morning to get boats onto replacement trailers, so that in the end we actually finished right on time – the first beer was popped at exactly 5.00pm

Next year we have a few ideas for an even better event so stay tuned because it wont seem like long before we are calling for volunteers again.

Justin Milne, Vice President

If you haven’t paid your fees…

You are now ineligible to use Club equipment or be entered in regattas until all outstanding subscriptions are paid.
Please note that if payment is not received by 1st October 2014 all membership rights lapse and re-joining fees apply.
Note that the door code changes this Sunday – only authorised members have received the new code. If you want to re-gain entry, you must pay your fees.

Regatta Entries

A reminder to all coaches and entry coordinators that entries for the Head of the Shoalhaven and the Shoalhaven Sprints are due to the Regatta Secretary by the end of today, Friday 12 September 2014.

A few changes have been made to the Regatta Entry Policy for the coming season and copy of the new policy will soon be available on the website and will be posted on the Regatta Notice Board at the Club. The competition policy is unchanged.

A few reminders, though, as we approach the Regatta Season.

  1. If any member of a crew has not paid their LRC and/or RNSW membership fees for 2014/15, regatta entries will not be made
  2. Crew Coordinators / Coaches are responsible for submitting entries to the LRC Regatta Secretary. If you don’t know who your coordinator / coach is you will soon (see below)
  3. Crew withdrawals and substitutions made after the RNSW closing date for entries are the responsibility of the crew / coach

Race Entry Coordinators

A list of all active members will be posted shortly detailing who is responsible for submitting regatta entries for you. You or your coach should email entries to your race entry coordinator.

The Race Entry Coordinators are:

  • Simon (18 to 30yrs old)
  • Kerry (Juniors)
  • Tim Tindale (30+ men)
  • Belinda (30+ women)
  • Matt Duly (Recreational)

If you are not sure who you should submit your entries to, check the list in the Regatta Notice Board just inside the front door.

The Regatta Secretary will make a call for entries in the newsletter to remind everyone when entries are due and will liaise with Race Entry Coordinators to ensure everyone’s entries are captured.

Pymble is back

The girls are back rowing. As a guide they will be using the shed as follows:

  • Monday – 30 Seniors
  • Tuesday – 30 Seniors
  • Wednesday – nil
  • Thursday – 30 intermediates
  • Friday – 30 Seniors
  • Saturday – whole group – 6am to 12pm
  • Sunday – 30 Novice LTR level

Recreational rowing this weekend

It is on this weekend as usual. Members helping out this weekend are Denis Tracy (Sat) and Mark Brooks (Sunday).
Next weekend: Laina Chan (Sat) and Debbie Chun (Sunday)

Head of the Yarra: email the Captain this week

Expressions of interest are requested now if your group would like to enter an 8+ in the HOTY.
This year we are doing the event as a package. The fee will include race fee, trailer costs and the Saturday night dinner.
Please email them to the Captainthis week.

Maintenance Day; Sunday 14 September

Maintenance morning is on this Sunday 8am to 11am. Come down for a couple of hours.
You will be sure to learn something about rowing through maintaining the boats.


  • Clean (and rig some of) the eights after corporates
  • Store 2 eights
  • Rotate boats
  • Label new oars
  • Clean and tidy tinnies

Matt and Steven will be on deck with spare parts.

Wedding at the Club from 1pm Sunday

This means that the Clubhouse needs to be clear of equipment, clean, tidy and totally empty of people, from 1pm. Help is needed in the morning to get the Clubhouse ready – all help very welcome.

Lost & Not Found

A boat light has gone missing. It has a black shaft and black rubber base and J. McClelland faintly written on it. Please return to office if you have seen it around.

Lost property – going fast

If you have lost something, it may be in the lost property bin. There are towels, raincoats and socks as well as other bits and pieces. All will go to the op shop next week if not collected.

Diary dates

  • By Friday 13 Sep – Head of the Yarra notification to (see above)
  • Sunday 14 Sep – Henley on Hunter
  • Sunday 14 Sep – Club maintenance morning until 11am
  • Sunday 14 Sep – Wedding at club from 1pm
  • Saturday 20 Sep – Shoalhaven Head race and sprints
  • Saturday 27 Sep – Nepean Time Trial and regatta

Note from the Editor: despite the length, no panda was hurt during the production of this newsletter.