The MMF8+ photo finish at the 2017 State Masters Championships

Premiership 2017 – we brought it home!

It was a close run thing all through the season but in the end, after a big effort from the Masters at the State Champs last weekend, WE WON THE PREMIERSHIP!!!! LRC has scored more points this year than any other Club to win the NSW 2017 Premiership.

Final tally here:

Leichhardt Rowing Club 1,416.07
Sydney Rowing Club 1,177.21
Nepean Rowing Club 1,050.00

(Perhaps it means we’ll have to buy another four/quad and call it “Premiers 2017”.)

But not only did we win the Premiership, we also won the Bohemia Trophy for all the Head Races at the start of the season, and the B Grade score. It’s been a great season from every perspective – some new boats, repaired deck, re-painted and carpeted clubhouse, new members, and now the Premiership to top it all off.

Pat yourselves on the back, take at least a week off and then we can start all over again on next year’s trophy. 😉

NSW State Masters

Well done to those competing last week end at the NSW State Masters. We had some excellent results which fetched the club over 148 points in this regatta alone.

Notable Golds were won by: Daniela Borgert, Anna Cicognani, Gordon Cooper, Brian Davis, Matthew Limburg, Timothy Mason, Justin Milne, Robert Neal, Dean Patterson, Christine Seeliger, Timothy Tindale, Jennifer Zongor.

The highly contested MMF8+ particularly had an excellent race with the top 4 boats finishing within 1.07 seconds from each other (see photo finish picture).

LRC Corporate Challenge – Call for Volunteers

The Corporate season is still a couple of months away but we need plenty of volunteers. This year it looks like we will have at least 10 crews and possibly more, which is a great result so far and means we will generate funds for boats and repairs next year – but it also means we need lots of help to make sure that the program goes well and the corporates come back next year. As many of you know, this is our main revenue generator and is doubly important because often many of the corporate participants join up and become serious rowers and big contributors to the running of the club. We need help with at least the following:

  • 10 coaches
  • some tinny drivers with licence
  • a small team to do the breakfast provisioning
  • someone to write the weekly newsletter and fill it with tips and pics
  • Lots and lots of helpers on the day of the regatta at SIRC on Sept 3rd
  • coxes
  • a squad of substitute rowers who can hop in at short notice to fill out crews when they’re short
  • BROs for the regatta
  • Starters for the regatta
  • a “Corporate Secretary” to help with the organisation of the program and comms.
  • people to help rig the boats we will use and re-stack the shed for winter.

Training starts on the weekend of August 5/6. Organisation starts about now.

If you are prepared to participate please email Justin with your name, mobile number and what you’d like to help with.

Good luck for Nationals Masters

Best of luck to those going to the National Masters Championships next week, in Nagambie.

  • Annalisa Armitage
  • Daniela Borgert
  • Anna Cicognani
  • Gary Foster
  • Justin Milne
  • Christine Seeliger
  • Caroline Vernon
  • Dianne Williams
  • Jennifer Zongor


  • 18-21 May – National Masters Championships, Nagambie, VIC
  • 13 June – RNSW Presentation dinner, UTS, 6.30pm
  • Sun 23 July 11am to 3pm – LUOR lunch