Awards night

If you have not done it yet, buy your tickets online for the Awards Night. Tomorrow, Saturday, from 6.30pm

Navigate carefully!

We continue to notice boats navigating on the wrong side of the Bay.
Especially in dark mornings, this represents a risk not just to yourself but others as well. Remember to keep the shore to your bow side (left), and as close to it as possible without crashing into rocks during low tide. Be mindful also that different boats travel at different speeds, so keep a safe distance accordingly.
At UTS, even if it seems early and no-one is around, go around the yellow buoys.
If you are steering or in the bow and do not know how to navigate properly, ask someone to do it instead of putting yourself and others at risk.


If you haven’t responded to the LRC Members Survey, please do so ASAP. Feedback is important to make the Club better.
Check your email as each link is unique.

Boat Rally

Please note that the Boat Rally is $20 to cover breakfast and great prizes.
Put you name on the list on the notice board upstairs. Great fun. All rowing levels allowed.

JB Sharp at Black Wattle Bay

Boat loading is at 6am Sunday morning. Simon Hoadley is in charge.

Boat Maintenance

Our boat repair man has asked we do not put the strong gaffer tape over holes in the boats as it pulls the gel coat off.
Use electrical tape only.

Shed Clean

Volunteers are needed to give the whole downstairs shed a sweep and hose out.
This weekend is as good a time as any. If a few help, it will only take 30 minutes.

AGM: Vacant positions on the LRC Committee

At this year’s AGM we have a number of Committee members ineligible to nominate for their current roles as their 3 years will have elapsed. This includes the roles of President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Vice Captain of Women.
In addition, the role of Vice President will be vacated and Steven Duff will not be re-standing as Club Captain.
These departures means your Club needs a number of people to come forward and stand for election to the Committee.
Please talk with Charles Bartlett about getting more involved or to answer any questions about what you can bring to the Club’s management.
Information on each of the Committee roles is on the website, as is Charles’ phone number.

Getting in via the keypad

Over the last week there have been complaints that the keypad that opens the front door has not been working.
The problem has been people pressing the buttons too hard and causing the buttons to jam. When operating the keypad, press the buttons softly and listen for the ‘beep’ after each keystroke to confirm that your keystroke was accepted; press that button gently to unstick it, then press ‘#’ to clear the keypad so you can start again.

Diary dates

  • 13 June Sat – Presentation night 6.30pm BYO
  • 14 June Sun – JB Sharp regatta 8am – Blackwattle Bay
  • This weekend – shed clean – volunteers wanted
  • Tues 16 June – NSW Rowing Presentation dinner
  • Sun 21 June – Boat rally
  • Sat 1 Aug – New member orientation